What Men Say About Gender Identity Watch

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  1. I’m a cisgender man who supports you. Transwomen are men; this is basic biology. Women have the right to safe spaces, away from men. I suspect that you’ll find a LOT of us guys who support your right to independence and freedom. It’s called ‘you do your thing; I’ll do mine’. It’s called respecting boundaries. It’s called the Golden Rule. It’s called a lot of things, but it all boils down to one word: RESPECT.
    See? It really is that easy.

      1. Cis-gender…. hmmm…it would be a laughable bit of bit of nonsense if it weren’t spreading like syphilis.
        I believe that I was an Emu in my last life and my emu brain carried over to this life. I identify deeply with being an Emu, I FEEL LIKE anemu and am planning to have some feather implanted on my ass as soon as I earn some money. All Emu born Emu’s AND anyone who has never known the struggle of trans-emu oppression; (the invisibility, the exclusion from fields and ponds where Emu’s fuck and frolic, that fact that no emu farmers take us seriously) you are all Cis-emu’s and you need to acknowledge your privilege by identifying as cis-emu. If you don’t identify as cis-emu and let me come to your Emu festival and wave my feathered dick around then you don’t get to have an Emu festival because, bitches, I will SUE YOU!

      1. Please, Regale me with your concept that chromosomes are real. Please tell me how you came to this conclusion? Please tell me which bathroom I should use based on your theory of chromosomes . I can’t wait to hear this one.

    1. Yeah, how big’s your uterus?
      You want to know why lesbians don’t like transwomen? Because lesbians know what real vaginas look like and feel like. So, even the most expertly inverted penis doesn’t fool them. Sex is not interchangeable. You can feminize yourself or masculinize yourself all you want. It doesn’t change your chromosomes, nerve ending density, skeletal structure or bone density, shoulder/hip proportions, absence of appropriate gonads and internal reproductive organs, hand size, foot size, etc.
      You’re just a male who has disfigured themselves in pursuit of something that you can never reach, and you’re claiming that you’ve arrived at your destination, because claiming it is the only way that you can arrive. All the science in the world can’t give you a complete sex change. But, rather than being an adult and accepting that, you claim that you’re something that you’re not and harass anyone who says otherwise.
      I can’t speak for others but I’m sure as hell not taking lessons on what sex is or isn’t, and what gender is or isn’t, from someone who is, by definition, mentally ill. You don’t have credibility anymore when you have a medical diagnosis that includes delusions about yourself and reality. But, do you know what sources of information are valid? The dictionary. Research journals. — A Swedish study, for example, discovered that MtF transsexuals *do not* have female brains: https://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pubmed/21467211/ Here’s a quote: “The present data do not support the notion that brains of MtF-TR are feminized. The observed changes in MtF-TR bring attention to the networks inferred in processing of body perception.”
      As for throwing around the word “woman” with utter disregard for its meaning, here’s a dictionary definition: “an adult female human” (http://www.oxfordlearnersdictionaries.com/us/definition/english/woman?q=woman). Just to make that definition clear, let’s define “female,” too: “of the sex that can lay eggs or give birth to babies” (http://www.oxfordlearnersdictionaries.com/us/definition/english/female_1?q=female) That doesn’t apply to you at all. If your testes were removed, you’re sexually neuter, not female, and thus, not a woman.
      So, how about you try having some respect for language, science, and the objective reality that we all live in, instead of just rewriting whatever doesn’t fit your mood.

      1. I’m sorry this is how you feel. Wow… that was a pretty angry and intense read i gotta say.
        I am fully aware that i was not born physically female and therefor can not claim to know the experience of a female born as a female who has lived her entire life viewed by the world as a female. I do however consider myself a woman, and i am proud to not be participating the patriarch that i spent many years in “any longer.” I do want to tell you (and you probably don’t care) that the lesbians i have dated have no (zero) issues with my present anatomy which i am grateful to have had “disfigured” (that’s pretty harsh). My lady bits taste, touch, smell and visuals are apparently appealing, thank God right and i can thankfully enjoy a clitoral orgasm as well (go figure).
        So, here is where i am with all this radical feminism/terf talk, etc… Besides admittedly have a fuck ton to learn, I don’t really give a shit what anyone thinks about who i am. I honestly didn’t transition to become a part of something i transitioned to be who the fuck i always wanted to be. Thankfully, in my day to day life I am treated as a woman which is really all i ever wanted to experience (and god knows, don’t ask me why right?). The only thing I would really like and appreciate is if other women, naturally born females, or just the human population in general could allow me to live my life as i am without fear of reprisal. I feel bad that trans women have upset so many females born female, I don’t understand all of the circumstances that have led up to the need for some women to exclude me from their lives, their vocabulary, and their experience while others fully welcome me. Frankly it is a little confusing to me but i am old. I do seek to learn and understand more, i do believe that having not been “born female” (and my being white) that i absolutely have benefited from my white perceived “male privilege”. That is a very real thing. I also am patently aware of my own second class citizenship in a different frame of reference than perhaps your own. I am aware all to often of what it feels like to be hated. I am aware daily that almost every 7 days another one of my transgender brothers or sisters are murdered in the good land of the free and I am aware of my own experience in life of not being equal and a part of something bigger because of who i am and i understand the yearning to feel genuine love from another human being probably just like you.
        Finally, regardless whether someone feels as though i am merely neutered or disfigured I would be grateful to find common ground where i can learn to be respectful of your experience just as you could learn to be respectful of mine. I would like to not call people names anymore because of my own fear or insecurities but i am guilty of it too and that is something I would like see change for myself. Above all else, I would like to feel proud to be a woman and feel a genuine sense of welcomed belonging and i would like to believe in my heart that not being a part of the patriarch was the best fight i ever took on… Written with respect and out of respect for you. Charlotte

  2. I can explode the trans myth real fast. Let’s say a transman has sex with a transwoman. This results in a pregnancy being conceived. Who made who pregnant? Hint: Getting pregnant is what females do; siring pregnancies is what males do.

  3. Thanks James for a disconnected reply to this thread. The only issue i have with your logic is I can’t get anyone pregnant… I have a vulva which consists of a mons, clitoris and clitoral frenulum, clitoral hoot, labia majora, labia minora. a vagina, and a urethra. I do not produce sperm. No I am not a biological female. I did not transition to pretend to be a biological female either. I transitioned to be happy in my body and to abandon the patriarch which i have never felt a part of or a belonging to. I transitioned because i wanted to, not because i wanted you to want me, nor because i wanted anything to do with men. I did for me. So, why some seem to have such an issue with that is beyond me and frankly means little to me. Lastly when Badhbh Cathy wrote “You want to know why lesbians don’t like transwomen?” she made it about me.

    1. Charlotte,
      Nope; what’cha got there is an artificial simulation of female genitalia. It isn’t real. I mean, glass can be cut and shaped to give the superficial appearance of fine diamonds. Does this mean they actually ARE diamonds? Or are they simply glass shards altered to look like diamonds? Well, it’s the same idea here. A surgeon can transform authentic male genitalia into something that bears a superficial resemblance to female genitalia. Does this make this genitalia female? Or is it just male genitalia altered to look female?
      See, Charlotte; you and I are guys. Neither of us had a girlhood. Neither of us will ever know what it’s like to be a woman. Since I have no authority to speak on women’s issues, I will defer to womanly authority on this matter and recommend you read this blog with an open mind and heart. I did; I found it to be quite interesting. Cathy Brennan strikes me as a very intelligent person with an insightful mind – a very rare bird in this dumbed-down old world of ours. I might not agree with her on everything, but I always see the merits in her arguments.
      Take care,

  4. Just came across this site and I’m shocked at what I am reading on here…. the ignorance and hate is saddening to see and I don’t understand the anger, animosity and viciousness of these people. You Charlotte, are to be commended in maintaining your dignity in the face of human oppression and transphobia. I was born female and so what? I’m not going to get fucking precious about it and refuse to acknowledge that humans CAN be born in the wrong wrapping… mother nature makes mistakes. If people can be born intersex etc does it need to take a huge leap of thought to see that they can be born completely in the wrong body? Not for me…sad that women can call themselves feminist and focus on oppressing other women trapped by circumstances in their development in the womb. I consider myself a feminist and salute any woman who has the courage to stand up and say ‘ I’m trapped, I’m a woman and I need to be me.’ Consider this… the world is a pretty fucked up place because of our attitude to gender…. how about we stop seeing it as of major importance that needs to be seen within a strict frame work and start focusing on humanity instead? It’s beyond me that there are women out there that are so defensive of their gender that they want to exclude women desperate to live their life as a female, in peace. The comments about their appearance are revolting and tell me all I need to know about the ‘women’ making them…

    1. Eileen,
      Here we have an excellent reason for gender abolition. In a society where there is no such thing as gender, there can be no gender dysphoria. If our society was 100% unisex (except where biology dictates a difference, such as the health care field), there would be no gender transition. I mean, what is so wrong about men being domestic goddesses or women going fishing? Once we get rid of these roles, and eliminate all gender stereotypes, all of transgenderism would cease as there would be nothing to transition to – going from one unisex expression to another isn’t transition at all.

  5. Well, I’m a man, too, and I just want to say, thank you for this site. It is just what we need in this nonsensical gender-obsessed hell-hole we live nowadays. Best wishes, and solidarity. I am going to add your link to my own site, because I like your site that much.

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