Janice Raymond (Norway)

Janice Raymond responds to being disinvited from a conference on violence against women:

Letter to the Editor Published in Klassekampen, Oslo Norway September 14, 2013

I was invited to speak on August 28, 2013, as part of a panel sponsored by the Ombuds office on the subject of prostitution and the Norwegian law against the purchasing of sexual activities. The day I arrived in Oslo, the Ombuds office informed me that I had been excluded from the panel of speakers because of my views on transsexualism. In an August 27 letter to Dagbladat, four signers represented my writings as “transphobic.” The Ombuds director took as truth what was actually a misrepresentation of my views without ever asking me if this letter was a valid account of my work. Furthermore, I was invited to speak on prostitution, not transsexualism. Continue reading “Janice Raymond (Norway)”

Janice Raymond (Norway)


Janice Raymond was no-platformed from a discussion about the sex industry and the importance of a law against sex purchases by the Norweigian Equality and Anti-discrimination Ombudsman. Professor Raymond was invited to Oslo to be one of the speakers at a debate on sex purchasing on August 28. Professor Raymond (Professor Emerita of Women’s Studies and Medical Ethics at the University of Massachusetts) is one of the foremost researchers in the international sex industry and trafficking of women. (She is the author of the recent Not a Choice, Not a Job: Exposing the Myths about Prostitution and the Global Sex Trade, Spinifex Press.)


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