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@Elfeministo is a sockpuppet account of Jason Congdon, a Men’s Rights Activist who spends his days harassing Women on social media. The account was created in the run up to Radfem 2013 in London, England. The account reactivates in response to any Woman-centric organising, such as the event held by Vancouver Rape Relief to commemorate the Women murdered by Marc Lepine.

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Dr. Janice Raymond Harassed By @Elfeministo (Canada)

Dr. Janice RaymondDr. Janice Raymond is an internationally regarded philosopher and feminist who has done ground breaking work around trafficking and male violence. She is scheduled to speak at a memorial event commemorating the Montreal Massacre in 1989, in which an anti-feminist, female-hating man murdered 14 women at the École Polytechnique for daring to study engineering.  A men’s rights activist named El Feministo is currently harassing the organisers of the event, Vancouver Rape Relief & Women’s Shelter, for asking Dr. Raymond to speak. MRAs are upset that Dr. Raymond is speaking because of her feminist critique of transgenderism as put forth in her groundbreaking book, The Transsexual Empire. Vancouver Rape Relief also supports women-only space. It is likely that El Feministo is the fringe Men’s Right’s Activist Daryl Banks, a transgender woman well-known for harassing Women.

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Janice Raymond at Vancouver Public Library Montreal Massacre Memorial _ rabble.

El Feministo (Elfeministo) on Twitter.

Montreal Massacre Memorial 2013 – Program _ Vancouver Rape Relief & Women’s Shelter.


Sophia Banks @sophiaphotos (Canada)

banksSophia Banks is a Toronto-based wedding photographer who came out as a transgender woman in 2012. Banks uses his Twitter account to rail against Women who understand biology. Banks repeatedly “challenged” lesbian feminist Cathy Brennan to a debate. When Brennan accepted the challenge, and offered to let Banks select the topic and the moderator, Banks declined.

Banks is well-known for creating a fake Twitter account to harass Cathy Brennan.




Sophia Banks (sophiaphotos) on Twitter.

Twitter _ sophiaphotos_ I am sorry hate and paranoia ...

Twitter _ PegasusBug_ So you are declining to debate ...

Sophia Banks has some tough questions to answer.

Daryl Banks @sophiaphotos (Canada)

daryl-banks-photographer-108Daryl Banks, a man who thinks he’s a woman, discussed here and here, recently attempted to call the police because a lesbian in the United States called him a man.  According to Banks, the Toronto Police doubted his name was Sophia. Banks’ case demonstrates that “misgendering,” whereby people use “the wrong pronoun” or otherwise correctly identify your birth sex, is not a criminal offense.


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