Keohane V. Jones: Reiyn Keohane (USA) @ACLU

Reiyn Keohane is a 24-year-old man that identifies as a woman. He is currently serving a 15-year sentence in a Florida prison for an attempted murder in 2014. After stabbing his female roommate more than 30 times, Keohane left her to die.
Bleeding profusely, the woman sought the help of two neighbors, telling the men she was dying and her lungs were filling with blood.
Keohane was arrested later at his parents home, armed with two knives and a loaded AR-15 magazine. He was charged with 2nd degree attempted murder.
A 2013 Florida Weekly article featuring an interview with his parents described Keohane’s gender identity as being based on the internal feeling that he’s really a woman. His parents told the reporter he “felt like a girl inside.” Prior to believing he’s actually a woman based on his internal feelings, Keohane identified as a gay male.
The ACLU, a nonprofit organization which frequently represents dangerous men in prison that identify as women, represented Keohane to obtain female hormones, bras, panties, and female grooming items as treatment and accommodation for his gender dysphoria. Keohane is alleged to have attempted to castrate himself during his incarceration.
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