Elizabeth R. McClellan @popelizbet

CaptureElizabeth R. McClellan is an associate at the Tennessee law firm of McClellan, Powers, Ehmling & Rogers, PC and an anti-feminist transgender activist.  Her activism consists of harassing Lesbian Women online and signing “statements” pledging her allegiance to an ideology that posits Men are Women if they identify as such, and that such identity should override reality. McClellan  is one of hundreds of “social justice” activists who use social media to harass Lesbians. It is unclear if McClellan understands feminist objections to gender identity protections, but we would expect, as she is a lawyer, that she is able to read statutes.

When McClellan  was challenged on Twitter for her abusive behavior by @StopBlaminWomen, a Twitter account run by Women and Transwomen, she called on her followers to report the account for spam instead of considering that her behavior was out of line. This is also a common tactic of anti-feminist transgender activists to report feminist social media accounts for spam until they are suspended.


beloved of monsters and women made free.

Elizabeth McClellan (popelizbet) on Twitter.

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