.@Elfeministo (Canada)

@Elfeministo is a sockpuppet account of Jason Congdon, a Men’s Rights Activist who spends his days harassing Women on social media. The account was created in the run up to Radfem 2013 in London, England. The account reactivates in response to any Woman-centric organising, such as the event held by Vancouver Rape Relief to commemorate the Women murdered by Marc Lepine.

El Feministo (Elfeministo) on Twitter


Dr. Janice Raymond Harassed By @Elfeministo (Canada)

Dr. Janice RaymondDr. Janice Raymond is an internationally regarded philosopher and feminist who has done ground breaking work around trafficking and male violence. She is scheduled to speak at a memorial event commemorating the Montreal Massacre in 1989, in which an anti-feminist, female-hating man murdered 14 women at the École Polytechnique for daring to study engineering.  A men’s rights activist named El Feministo is currently harassing the organisers of the event, Vancouver Rape Relief & Women’s Shelter, for asking Dr. Raymond to speak. MRAs are upset that Dr. Raymond is speaking because of her feminist critique of transgenderism as put forth in her groundbreaking book, The Transsexual Empire. Vancouver Rape Relief also supports women-only space. It is likely that El Feministo is the fringe Men’s Right’s Activist Daryl Banks, a transgender woman well-known for harassing Women.

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Janice Raymond at Vancouver Public Library Montreal Massacre Memorial _ rabble.

El Feministo (Elfeministo) on Twitter.

Montreal Massacre Memorial 2013 – Program _ Vancouver Rape Relief & Women’s Shelter.


@RachelAPiazza & Shulamith Firestone Women’s Liberation Memorial Conference


Rachel Piazza claims to be a feminist who attended the Shulamith Firestone Women’s Liberation Memorial Conference in New York City last month.  She claims the women at the conference were “trans exclusionary” and thus she felt moved to write an “open letter” littered with made up statistics. The effort seems as useful as another effort by sex positive feminists earlier this year to shame lesbians for knowing transwomen are men.

We look forward to the day when women stop writing this pointless open letters to shame other women who know human biology exists.

Open Letter to Trans Exclusionary Radical Feminists – Feminist Friends.

Indigo Girls (USA)

BR599uJCcAAHOPPThe Indigo Girls came under fire from transgender activists, led by male Red Durkin, for playing at the Michigan Womyn’s Music Festival in 2013. As a result, the Indigo Girls released a statement that 2013 would be the last year they perform at MWMF and that they would make an announcement from the stage protesting the women-only policy of MWMF. The duo earned ire from transgender activists when they did not, in fact, make a statement from the stage.

Tweet Digest_ Indigo Girls Throw Lesbians Under The Bus + NEW COMMENTARY (with tweets) · TheLesbianMafia · Storify.

Women’s Festival Must Choose Between The Indigo Girls and Transgender Ban _ HeadCount.

Indigo Girls Encourage Michigan Womyn’s Music Festival Protest Over Transgender Exclusion.

Indigo Girls Speak Out About Anti-Trans Policy at Michigan Womyn’s Music Festival _ GLAAD.

Petition _ Indigo Girls and other MichFest 2013 Performers_ Boycott MWMF until the organizers fully include trans women _ Change.

Indigo Girls Drop Out of MichFest Over Trans Exclusionary Policy.

Amy Ray Discusses the Queer Community and Trans Influence on her Life.

Is It Wrong to Perform at Michfest_ _ Advocate Indigo Girls tell Womyn’s Festival to include trans women or else! _ THE GUERRILLA ANGEL REPORT by Lexie Cannes.

The Indigo Girls need to stop including the ‘T’ in their community activism language _ LGBT Weekly.

Red Durkin – Hey Red This is Amy from the IG’s. I appreciate your...


Hampshire Feminist Collective (UK)


The Hampshire Feminist Collective (“HFC”) is a group that formed after a handful of people made false accusations against Solent Feminist Network. The people involved with HFC continue to make false and unfounded accusations of “transphobia” against Solent because individual Solent members understand radical feminism. This is the kind of McCarthy-like thinking that goes hand-in-hand with transgender ideology.


A few people have asked us online about Reclaim...

HFC’s stance on Reclaim the Night Portsmouth _ Hampshire Feminist Collective.

Julia Serano (USA)

Julia Serano is a man who identifies as a woman and who continues to insert his opinion into how Women should view transgender issues. In a published excerpt from his new book, Excluded: Making Feminist and Queer Movements More Inclusive, Serano suggests that Women “discriminate” against people with penises. Continue reading

The UK Gender Recognition Act of 2004 (UK)

The UK Gender Recognition Act of 2004 is one of the most anti-feminists pieces of legislation ever enacted.  It allows a man to decide he is a woman and live “as a woman,” gaining access to women-only spaces, by declaration that he suffers from “gender dysphoria,” defined as “the disorder variously referred to as gender dysphoria, gender identity disorder and transsexualism.

Sheila Jeffreys wrote an excellent critique of this law called They Know It When They See It: The UK Gender Recognition Act 2004.

The UK Gender Recognition Act 2004.

They Know It When They See It: The UK Gender Recognition Act 2004.