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Lily Cade is a “Gold Star Lesbian” porn performer who chooses not to shoot scenes with trans women.

lcLast night, Lily Cade was subjected to a barrage of tweets from trans activists and their allies (seemingly led by trans porn star, Chelsea Poe) demanding that she explain and justify her decision. Continue reading

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Andrea García-Vargas is a “new media reporter” who recently penned a “news round up” positing that students and parents in Colorado did not complain about a trans student at a high school. She posits, like most mindless queer and liberal media, that the story was fabricated.

García-Vargas apparently did not bother to research and view a news report on the story that featured parents complaining on behalf of their children. Here is the news report:

Facts are often inconvenient, and it is an axiom of queer and liberal reporting that lying works much better.  For example, Jessica Valentine is named in this news report. Apparently, “outing” now means reporting facts previously reported. Indeed, queer “reporters” believe that women have no right to complain about male-bodied people in sex-segregated spaces. She further claims Brennan has sued people for libel, which is also false.

García-Vargas is a liar. She is a new media reporter who lies about basic facts to further a woman-hating agenda.

LGBT Rights In The U.S

Holmes v. Moss Point School District, et al. (USA)


Destin Holmes was subjected to pervasive anti-lesbian bullying and harassment by fellow students, faculty and even administrators within the schools of Mississippi’s Moss Point School District. The harassment became so severe Destin was eventually driven out of school. The Southern Poverty Law Center filed a federal lawsuit on her behalf to end the bullying and harassment in the district.

The lawsuit describes how Destin temporarily left the district in March 2012 to be homeschooled after the then-principal at Magnolia Junior High School called her a “pathetic fool” and told her, “I don’t want a dyke in this school.” It also outlines how Destin and other students perceived as gay were subjected to anti-gay slurs on a daily basis and were physically threatened or attacked by peers.

Although many of these abuses occurred in front of teachers or were reported to school officials, school personnel did little to stop the abuse. The SPLC demanded in March 2013 that the district take immediate action to end the bullying and harassment. The demand came after an investigation found that district students, faculty and administrators targeted gay students because of their actual or perceived sexual orientation and nonconformity to gender stereotypes.

Gay and lesbian youth are disproportionately “gender nonconforming”  because, by definition, we buck the stereotype of who we are supposed to love. As a result of this, gay and lesbian youth are often targeted for homophobic abuse.

During Destin’s time at Magnolia Junior High School, students and district staff called her slurs such as “it,” “freak” and “he-she.” She heard such insults as many as 20 times a day. She also was denied access to the girls’ restroom by a teacher. Another teacher even refused to allow her to participate in a classroom activity where teams were divided by gender because Destin – according to the teacher – was an “in-between it.”

Even after Destin threatened suicide, school officials failed to take appropriate action. When a social worker providing mental health services for Destin met with the then-principal about the need to stop the harassment, the principal said he wouldn’t follow the social worker’s suggestions because “when you are in my school, you follow my lead since I allow you to be here.”

After leaving Magnolia Junior High School in March 2012, Destin was home-schooled until it became too much of a financial burden for her family. After returning to the district as a student at the Moss Point High School, Destin continued to face similar harassment.

The lawsuit, which asserts the district violated Destin’s rights under the Equal Protection Clause of the U.S. Constitution and Title IX of the Education Amendments Act of 1972, also describes anti-GLBT bullying encountered by other district students. These incidents include a transgender student who was attacked and ridiculed, as well as a gay male student assaulted by students because he was open about his orientation.

We applaud the Southern Poverty Law Center for taking steps to protect gender nonconforming youth.

Holmes v. Moss Point School District, et al.


John Scarpa (USA)


On March 28, 2010, Rasheen Everett murdered Amanda Gonzalez-Andujar, a 29-year-old transgender woman he’d met online. After Everett strangled Gonzalez-Andujar in her Glendale, Queens apartment, he poured bleach on her body and ransacked her home, stealing her camera, keys, laptop, coat, and cell phone, and, according to one report, destroying all of her Marilyn Monroe photos. The neighbors could hear screaming and banging, yet no one came to Gonzalez-Andujar’s aid. Everett left the apartment eighteen hours later, carrying Gonzalez-Andujar’s stolen property, and hopped a bus to Las Vegas. Her family discovered her body three days later. Everett was arrested in Las Vegas a month later and brought back to New York to stand trial. Now 32, he was convicted last month of second-degree murder, second-degree burglary, and tampering with physical evidence. On Thursday December 5, before a Queens judge sentenced him to 29 years to life in prison, Everett’s attorney, John Scarpa, argued that his clients should escape serious prison time, given the low social status of the person he killed.

As a New York State attorney, Scarpa is bound by the Code of Professional Responsibility, which provides that in the representation of a client, a lawyer shall not assert a position, conduct a defense, or take other action on behalf of the client when the lawyer knows or when it is obvious that such action would serve merely to harass or maliciously injure another. GLBT advocates might consider filing an attorney grievance against Scarpa for his decision to suggest that Everett deserved less jail time because of who Gonzalez-Andujar was. GLBT activists and Women’s Rights Activists have taken similar action against judges who exhibit questionable and biased behavior.

LGBT Group Calls for Attorney’s Apology After He Argues Transgender Murder Victim Wasn’t a _Certain Class_ of Person.

Hey, she was just a ho_ Sick bid by killer’s lawyer _ New York Post.


Emily LeVan (USA)

Screen shot 2013-12-04 at 6.24.53 PM Screen shot 2013-12-04 at 6.25.26 PM

From a news report:

“Emily LeVan said she legally changed her daughter’s name last week from Keaten to Keat to reflect her identification with the female gender (ed. note – her word) and announced the move on Facebook. LeVan said parents of some of Keat’s classmates at Highland Elementary School in Morrow County wrote negative or derogatory messages about her daughter.

‘I am terribly ticked that the parents are allowed to send their boy to school as a girl and put him in this embarrassing situation,’ wrote one parent, and another called her actions child abuse.

The transgender girl said she was teased by other children as she started her transition last year, saying that she was a boy the year before. ‘I said, ‘I was a girl, and it’s none of your business,’’ said 9-year-old Keat.”

The video where Emily LeVan voluntarily puts her child on the television news appears here. In the video, it appears that the “social media harassment” of which LeVan complains consists of people disagreeing with her parenting choices. Contrary to the view of MRAs, people actually have the right to disagree that “liking pink” or “liking Barbie” transforms  a boy into a girl. Indeed, Feminists have fought against sex stereotypes like this for decades. On a related point, GLBT Organizations push legislation to ban sexual orientation change therapy, which forces gay and lesbian youth (who are generally identifiable as such because they are gender nonconforming) to adopt rigid sex stereotypes in order to appear “less gay.”

Gender Identity, rather than dismantle sex stereotypes, instead embraces them as more powerful than sex. Indeed, identification with sex stereotypes are so powerful that they can turn a little boy into a girl, simply because he likes Barbie and sparkly things. Query how it isn’t “sexual orientation change therapy” to make a gender nonconforming child embrace stereotypes associated with the opposite sex (“I like pink”) as a way to make them “become” the opposite sex – thus rendering them gender conforming with their identified sex. On a related point, “progressive” countries like Iran embrace sex reassignment surgery while condemning homosexuality, thus incentivizing gay and lesbian people to “change their sex” as a way to stay alive.

Gender Identity is a conservative ideology. And it is dangerous to tell children that they are bullying another child by correctly identifying that the child was a boy last year.  And it is not inconceivable that it is child abuse to subject your child to this ideology.

Parent Says Her Transgender Child Being Harassed | WBNS-10TV Columbus, Ohio.


Harris County, Texas (USA)

The sheriff of Houston’s Harris County has adopted a sweeping policy designed to protect and guarantee equal treatment of gay, lesbian, bisexual and transgender inmates, including allowing transgender individuals to be housed based on the gender they identify with instead of their biological sex. Harris County Sheriff Adrian Garcia’s office believes the new policy is one of the most comprehensive in the country. It states that “discrimination or harassment of any kind based on sexual orientation or gender identity is strictly prohibited,” and outlines how such inmates will be searched, booked and housed, according to a copy of the policy obtained by The Associated Press. The policy also covers intersex inmates, defined as people born with sex chromosomes or reproductive systems that are not considered standard.

Harris County is the first in Texas to adopt this extensive of a policy, according to Brandon Wood, executive director of the Texas Commission on Jail Standards. The state agency inspects, regulates and provides technical assistance to county jails. The 11-page policy, along with a separate three-page document protecting this population from workplace discrimination, went into effect November 13, 2013 and was the culmination of a thorough review that began in July 2012.

Sheriff’s Office creates far-reaching policies on sexual orientation and gender orientation issues _ Sheriff Adrian Garcia.

Texas county adopts sweeping policy to protect LGBT inmates _ Sheriff Adrian Garcia.

Texas county adopts policy to protect LGBT inmates – FederalNewsRadio.

Texas county adopts policy to protect LGBT inmates – FederalNewsRadio 2.