Glen Robert Askeborn (USA)

Glen Robert Askeborn, also known as Samantha Glenner, is a man that identifies as a woman.
A dishonorably discharged veteran, Askeborn was booted from the Navy for scalding his young stepson in a tub of hot water. He then served part of a six year prison sentence for a pair of robberies.
A news article in People Magazine describes Askeborn’s history as such: “Around 1980 he began living as the woman he had decided he was. He wore makeup, short shorts and high heels, and affected a huge artificial bustline.” People interviewed for the story said Askeborn would try to talk in a woman’s voice and would get upset if they didn’t call him Samantha.”
Describing his belief of being a woman, Askeborn said of his military service in Vietnam: “he didn’t know what had happened to him, but he liked it.”
Eventually, Askeborn landed at his parent’s Maine home, where he went on to murder female victim Amelia Cave. Investigators found Cave’s body buried partly beneath a stone wall. Her head had been covered with a plastic bag, her wrists were bound with nylon cord, her ankles were bound with packing twine and her mouth had been stuffed with an empty birdseed bag. Cave had been beaten as well as strangled.
According to police, Askeborn is a suspect in the murder of a yet to be identified woman in Connecticut.
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