Frank Browning and @californiamag (USA)


Frank Browning is a gay man who has written about Gay Sex over a period of years. He recently wrote a bizarre “meditation” on his views on transgenderism for California magazine. Continuing the liberal media’s inability to report facts, Browning asserts that Cathy Brennan made the following statement as a “lesbian rally.”

“male persons have cross-dressed in order to gain access to sex-segregated spaces with the specific intent to harm females. This has happened. Many times. That’s all we need to know.”

This is actually and demonstrably false. This precise language comes from a FAQ document about a letter Brennan co-wrote to the United Nations about the conflict between gender identity laws and protections for Women.

Having started off on a lie, Browning then asserts that Brennan and others object to gender identity because “real women” don’t know who “they” are. Of course, this is also false, as Women who object to certain aspects of the gender identity movement know that transwomen are male. That’s not actually a mystery or difficult to know. And, as it turns out, none of the Women he maligns in his “meditation” object to rights for males, whether they say they are transwomen or men. Rather, these Women object to being forced to 1. deny reality and 2. accommodate males in certain spaces.

But Browning, no doubt, would say knowing that transwomen are male this is “ill spirited.” Of course, this is pretty ironic for a Man who has apparently spent his entire academic career talking about Gay Sex.

Hypotaxis does a great take down of Browning’s “meditation” here.