Transgender Activists & Impersonation @dana_sudo @sophiaphotos (USA)

virtssTransgender activists routinely impersonate feminists online, particularly lesbian feminists. The most recent example of this was Cathy Brennan (buggedbrennan) on Twitter, which is now suspended. Purveyors of this tactic include Daryl BanksDavid Taylor and “Emily” Horsman, all men who identify as women.

The irony of men who identify as women impersonating actual women is not lost on anyone.

screencaps of impersonation account.

Dyke&Trans Alliance @dyketrans

da hjTransactivists Doug McDonald, Marian Melby, Wesley BaileyDaryl Banks and others appear to have collaborated to post the personal information of Cathy Brennan’s elderly parents & others.

The so-called “Dyke&Trans Alliance” attempted to “dox” Cathy Brennan and her family. Doxxing is a form of intimidation transactivists use against men and women who disagree with gender identity theory. A high-profile incident of doxxing was directed at Dr. J. Michael Bailey, author of the book “The Man Who Would Be Queen.”  Bailey was attacked by Andrea James, a Los Angeles-based transgender advocate and consultant. James downloaded images from Bailey’s Web site of his children, taken when they were in middle and elementary school, and posted them on her own site, with sexually explicit captions that she provided.

The doxx encourages users to tell Brennan’s mother what “her daughter” is up to. Mrs. Brennan wants to convey to readers of Gender Identity Watch that she also knows transwomen are men.

Cathy Brennan also suggests that if you want to reach her, try 311 Murdock Road, Baltimore, MD 21212, as the doxxing information is 90% incorrect. Her current girlfriend is also amused.

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Twitter _ dyketrans_ Sorry about your dox ...

Dyke&Trans Alliance (dyketrans) on Twitter.

Men’s Rights Activists and TERF is a Slur (Tumblr)

tumblr_inline_myzt97Ylvb1rbdojbMen’s Rights Activists such as Cristan Williams, David Taylor, Wesley Bailey and Daryl Banks continue their relentless assaults on the ability of Women and Girls to discuss issues that impact us. David Taylor in particular has abused Women online for more than a year, ever since he realized that we know he is Male. These MRAs – who are not able to formulate a cogent argument without threatening Women – rely on abusive language to silence Women and Girls. In response, a new Tumblr blog documents how language is used to intimidate Women and Girls from speaking out.

The Tumblr blog, called TERF Is A Slur, shows how MRAs use “social justice” language to demonize Women, Girls (and Men and Transwomen) who understand that sex matters and that gender is oppressive.  The phrase “TERF” is used to refer to anyone who understands that sex is not gender, and men cannot “become women” simply by “identifying as a woman.” Social media like Twitter are particularly useful in spreading such short, woman-hating memes.

TERF is a slur.

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.@Elfeministo (Canada)

@Elfeministo is a sockpuppet account of Jason Congdon, a Men’s Rights Activist who spends his days harassing Women on social media. The account was created in the run up to Radfem 2013 in London, England. The account reactivates in response to any Woman-centric organising, such as the event held by Vancouver Rape Relief to commemorate the Women murdered by Marc Lepine.

El Feministo (Elfeministo) on Twitter


Natalie Reed, Larkin Forestheart, Daryl Banks & Other MRAs (Canada)

mraMen’s Rights Activists plan to undermine a memorial event sponsored by Vancouver Rape Relief to commemorate the murder of 14 Women by Marc Lépine in Montreal, Canada. Those actively working to undermine the event, which features Dr. Janice Raymond, include Natalie Reed, who later claimed to back away from the protest, and Larkin Forestheart, a woman who “identifies” as a man who planned a flashmob event. Further efforts to undermine the event came from El Feministo, a sock puppet account of well-known MRA Daryl Banks, a man who suffers from autogynephilia and calls himself Sophia. Banks apparently thinks “feminist activism” means working to undermine an organisation that provides support services to Women traumatized by male violence.

In other news, hundreds of feminists and pro-feminist men have publicly support VRR and Dr. Raymond, including this statement from the Women’s Liberation Front (WoLF).


Memorial draws controversy over invitation of speaker Janice Raymond _ rabble.

Larkin Feral ForestHeart.

El Feministo Friends.

Here MRAs Natalie Reed and Daryl Banks plot to destroy VRR

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Dr. Janice Raymond Harassed By @Elfeministo (Canada)

Dr. Janice RaymondDr. Janice Raymond is an internationally regarded philosopher and feminist who has done ground breaking work around trafficking and male violence. She is scheduled to speak at a memorial event commemorating the Montreal Massacre in 1989, in which an anti-feminist, female-hating man murdered 14 women at the École Polytechnique for daring to study engineering.  A men’s rights activist named El Feministo is currently harassing the organisers of the event, Vancouver Rape Relief & Women’s Shelter, for asking Dr. Raymond to speak. MRAs are upset that Dr. Raymond is speaking because of her feminist critique of transgenderism as put forth in her groundbreaking book, The Transsexual Empire. Vancouver Rape Relief also supports women-only space. It is likely that El Feministo is the fringe Men’s Right’s Activist Daryl Banks, a transgender woman well-known for harassing Women.

El Feministo on Facebook.

El Feministo Facebook Friends.

Janice Raymond at Vancouver Public Library Montreal Massacre Memorial _ rabble.

El Feministo (Elfeministo) on Twitter.

Montreal Massacre Memorial 2013 – Program _ Vancouver Rape Relief & Women’s Shelter.


Twitter Trans Activists

Aaminah Khan and Daryl Banks, known on Twitter as Sophia Banks, are two minor Anti-Feminist Transgender “Activists.” Their activism consists of harassing lesbian feminists. For example, they have recently filed false abuse reports with WordPress based on a blog post on Gender Identity Watch featuring a public news story.  The news story – concerning a transgender student using the girls’ room at Florence High School – was clearly obtained by Colorado television station KOAA with the full consent and participation of the transgender student and her mother. It is unclear whether the AFTAs exert similar pressure on the news station that reported the news.

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Florence High School, Colorado (USA) _ Gender Identity Watch.