Natalie Reed, Larkin Forestheart, Daryl Banks & Other MRAs (Canada)

Men’s Rights Activists plan to undermine a memorial event sponsored by Vancouver Rape Relief to commemorate the murder of 14 Women by Marc Lépine in Montreal, Canada. Those actively working to undermine the event, which features Dr. Janice Raymond, include Natalie Reed, who later claimed to back away from the protest, and Larkin Forestheart, a woman who “identifies” […]

Mary Daly

Mary Daly, a feminist theologian granted tenure at Boston College, long battled the college over her decision to hold women-only classes.  Daly correctly noted that the presence of men inhibits class discussion; the college countered her refusal violated college policy and Federal law. The college forced Daly to retire in 1999. Daly’s view of about men […]

“Male and Female He Created Them: Review of The Transsexual Empire: The Making Of The She-Male”

In June 1979, Thomas Szasz, a psychiatrist and humanist, wrote a favorable New York Times review of Dr. Janice Raymond’s book The Transsexual Empire: The Making Of The She-Male.  Dr. Szasz agreed with Dr. Raymond that transsexualism is anti-feminist. Male and Female Created He Them – Review of The Transsexual Empire.

Transgender Activists

As recently experienced by Julie Bindel and Janice Raymond, Transgender activists continue their campaign of violent threats against Women who disagree with their conservative gender ideology.  Such violent Transgender activists include Monica Roberts and Autumn Sandeen.  A sample of such threats – which is behavior endorsed by liberal feminists such as Melissa McEwan of Shakesville in […]

Mavaddat Javid ‏@mavaddat Madeleine Michaels & @VanRapeRelief

Mavaddat Javid ‏and Madeleine Michaels are Men’s Rights Activists actively campaigning to force a shelter that provides service to Women brutalised by male violence to also provide services for males.  MRAs periodically target Vancouver Rape Relief because of the organizations unswerving dedication to Women. The most recent campaign of abuse came as VRR commemorated the […]