Christine Hallquist (USA)

Christine Hallquist
Christine Hallquist, previously known as David Hallquist, is a 62-year-old man that identifies as a woman. A former CEO of the 107-employee Vermont Electric Cooperative and biological father of three children, Hallquist received the 2018 Democratic Party nomination for Governor of Vermont.
In a media interview with CBS News, Hallquist admits he “has all the physical body parts of a man,” but describes his gender identity (his sense of self) this way, saying: “My brain believes I am a woman. I’m a woman.” The internal conflict is reported to have given him thoughts of suicide in the past.
The Pentagon’s 2018 “Department Of Defense Report And Recommendations On Military Service By Transgender Persons,” which recommended a ban on transgender people serving, describes the DSM V criteria for “feeling like the opposite sex” in this manner: “A strong conviction that one has the typical feelings and reactions of the other gender ( or some alternative gender different from one’s assigned gender).”
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Adams v. The School Board of St. Johns County, Florida @LambdaLegal (USA)

Drew Adams is a 17-year-old student at Nease High School in St Johns County, Florida. Adams, born female, identifies as a boy. Seeking to be treated like “all other boys,” Adams has sought access to the male bathrooms at the school. As they have in many such cases across the nation, Lambda legal filed suit on Adam’s behalf.
According to the 2017 complaint: “Even though Drew’s sex assigned at birth was female, and even before he was aware that transgender people existed, Drew knew that his body did not feel like it fit him.” The complaint says: “Drew first began to understand why he felt the way he did when he was 14 years old, and saw a transgender man interviewed on television. When Drew heard the man describe what it meant to be transgender, everything clicked for Drew, and he immediately realized that he felt the same way.”
Included among the many factual allegations of the complaint are these two notable statements: “Gender identity — a person’s core internal sense of their own gender — is the primary factor in determining a person’s sex” and “every person has a gender identity.
Alarmingly, the allegation that “every person has a gender identity” is now frequently written into most legal complaints involving transgender plaintiffs. In fact, a “Sample Expert Declaration from a Transgender Restroom Access Case” available for download at the American Bar Association website contains that exact statement. The document was “Reproduced with permission from Shannon Minter, of the National Center for Lesbian Rights.” Like Adams, Minter, who was born female, identifies as a man.
The factual allegation that “every person has a gender identity” appears to conflict with the agender element of the vast transgender umbrella. For example, in 2017 an Oregon court ruled that Patrick “Patch” Abbatiello could legally change their sex to agender.
According to an Associated Press article describing Abbatiello’s court ruling: “People who are agender see themselves as neither a man nor a woman and have no gender identity.”
As is typical in court cases involving transgenderism, the use of sex stereotypes to prop up male or female gender identities that mimic the stereotypical traits of biologically sexed males or females was on full display. During proceedings, “Adams testified about his childhood and how he rejected stereotypically feminine toys and clothes even though he was born with female sex organs.” The complaint states “Drew cut his hair short” as part of his social transition.
Court documents explain social transitions this way: “Social transition entails a transgender person living in accordance with the person’s gender identity. For example, for a transgender boy, social transition can include, among other things, changing his first name to a name typically associated with boys, using male pronouns, changing his identity documents to indicate a male gender, wearing clothing and adopting grooming habits stereotypically associated with boys, using restrooms and other facilities for boys, and otherwise living as a boy in all aspects of life.”
In July, 2018, a U.S. District Court Judge ruled Adams should be allowed to use the boys’ bathroom. The school board has now filed notice they plan to appeal that ruling.
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Case: Adams v. The School Board of St. Johns County, Florida

Glen Robert Askeborn (USA)

Glen Robert Askeborn, also known as Samantha Glenner, is a man that identifies as a woman.
A dishonorably discharged veteran, Askeborn was booted from the Navy for scalding his young stepson in a tub of hot water. He then served part of a six year prison sentence for a pair of robberies.
A news article in People Magazine describes Askeborn’s history as such: “Around 1980 he began living as the woman he had decided he was. He wore makeup, short shorts and high heels, and affected a huge artificial bustline.” People interviewed for the story said Askeborn would try to talk in a woman’s voice and would get upset if they didn’t call him Samantha.”
Describing his belief of being a woman, Askeborn said of his military service in Vietnam: “he didn’t know what had happened to him, but he liked it.”
Eventually, Askeborn landed at his parent’s Maine home, where he went on to murder female victim Amelia Cave. Investigators found Cave’s body buried partly beneath a stone wall. Her head had been covered with a plastic bag, her wrists were bound with nylon cord, her ankles were bound with packing twine and her mouth had been stuffed with an empty birdseed bag. Cave had been beaten as well as strangled.
According to police, Askeborn is a suspect in the murder of a yet to be identified woman in Connecticut.
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Keohane V. Jones: Reiyn Keohane (USA) @ACLU

Reiyn Keohane is a 24-year-old man that identifies as a woman. He is currently serving a 15-year sentence in a Florida prison for an attempted murder in 2014. After stabbing his female roommate more than 30 times, Keohane left her to die.
Bleeding profusely, the woman sought the help of two neighbors, telling the men she was dying and her lungs were filling with blood.
Keohane was arrested later at his parents home, armed with two knives and a loaded AR-15 magazine. He was charged with 2nd degree attempted murder.
A 2013 Florida Weekly article featuring an interview with his parents described Keohane’s gender identity as being based on the internal feeling that he’s really a woman. His parents told the reporter he “felt like a girl inside.” Prior to believing he’s actually a woman based on his internal feelings, Keohane identified as a gay male.
The ACLU, a nonprofit organization which frequently represents dangerous men in prison that identify as women, represented Keohane to obtain female hormones, bras, panties, and female grooming items as treatment and accommodation for his gender dysphoria. Keohane is alleged to have attempted to castrate himself during his incarceration.
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Danelle Wylder and Corrie Westing @SocialistViews @CriticalReading (USA)

Queer Danelle Wylder and heterosexual Corrie Westing are two anti-woman activists who recently wrote this pile of lies for a Socialist website. In 2014, Danelle’s partner, Judy Heithmar, previously wrote a similar pile of lies for the same website. We previously wrote about Judy’s piece of shit here. Judy apparently is nonbinary now and goes by the also fake name Judy Luxemburg on Facebook. It is likely Judy actually penned Danelle’s current article. You can read both articles below.
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Pussy Church of Modern Witchcraft @pussy_church

pussy_church_7The Pussy Church of Modern Witchcraft is a lesbian-led church for Women and Girls. Recently, Peter Reilly of Forbes wrote an article on the church’s filing for nonprofit status with the IRS. That led to a series of other articles or varying degrees of fairness and accuracy.
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Mrs. H v. Planet Fitness (USA) @PlanetFitness

Mr. Jordan Rich (“Ivey Gardner”)

Jordan Rich is a man who identifies as a transgender woman named Ivey Gardner. In May 2018, he followed a woman (who wishes to be identified only as Mrs. H) into the parking lot of a Planet Fitness gym after she objected to his presence in the women’s locker room, and called 9-1-1 claiming she “sexually harassed” him. According to Mrs. H’s counsel: Continue reading “Mrs. H v. Planet Fitness (USA) @PlanetFitness”