National Geographic’s “Gender Revolution” Special Issue


National Geographic, the official magazine of the National Geographic Society, recently revealed the two cover designs chosen for their special issue titled “Gender Revolution.”

One cover features a 9-year old Avery Jackson, a 9-year old boy who identifies as a girl, wearing pink from head to toe and lounging above the quote, “The best thing about being a girl is, now I don’t have to pretend to be a boy.”  Whatever that means.

The alternate cover shows a group of seven individuals, each accompanied by a small white caption noting the individual’s “gender.”  Although National Geographic found room for two individuals who are identified as “transgender female,” and one identified as “male” there apparently wasn’t enough room to include every gender.  Notably, although not surprisingly, missing from the “gender revolution”: WOMEN.

According to National Geographic editor-in-chief, Susan Goldberg, “Today that and other beliefs about gender are shifting rapidly and radically. That’s why we’re exploring the subject this month, looking at it through the lens of science, social systems, and civilizations throughout history.”

Let National Geographic know what you think of their special issue here.

Why We Put a Transgender Girl on the Cover of National Geographic — National Geographic

“Gender Revolution” — National Geographic

Kimberly Peirce @ Reed College (USA)


Trans activist students at Reed College in Portland, OR, protested against “transphobia” in a series of actions focused on intimidating and harassing director Kimberly Peirce, who was invited to hold a Q&A session on campus following the screening of her 1999 film Boys Don’t Cry.


First, the students removed posters advertising the film screening and subsequent Q&A session prior to the event.  This action is an attempt to reduce the attendance at the event, allowing the protesters the opportunity to overwhelm non-protesters and appear as though they represent a more significant percentage of students.  This is intimidation.

Next they arrived early to hang up posters in the lecture hall where the film screening would take place.  Some of these posters featured generic slogans such as, “Fuck Your Transphobia,”and “Trans Lives Do Not Equal $$.”  Although it’s clear a lot of time and intention went into these posters, some of the statements feature more ambiguous messages such as “Autonomy for Trans People” and “You Don’t Fucking Get It.”  Finally, a sign left at the podium Peirce was invited to speak at read, “Fuck This Cis White Bitch.”  This is intimidation.  This is harassment.


In a display of transgender activism, the students entered the lecture hall following the screening to disrupt the Q&A session.  For several minutes these students interrupted, talked over, and screamed slogans from their posters (among others) at Peirce as she attempted to give her presentation until she left the room.  One protester yelled “Fuck you scared bitch” over the crowd.  This is harassment.  This is misogyny.

Among the students’ complaints were the fact that Peirce, a lesbian who they viewed as a non-trans person, was profiting on the “representation of violence against transgender bodies;” that a non-trans actor was cast as the film’s lead character; and that they didn’t like the “poorly orchestrated” rape scene in the film.

Regardless of whether these concerns hold any validity (hint: they do not) it’s worth noting that the tactics these students used — isolating one’s political adversaries from potential allies, using repetitive slogans to advance an ideology, and publicly attacking an individual to intimidate others who may be considering dissension — are not unique to this incident.

This is trans activism.

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“Hiding the Tears in My Eyes – BOYS DON’T CRY – A Legacy” by Jack Halberstam


Child ordered to stop wearing “girls’ clothes” (Canada)

In December 2015, a judge issued an order barring a male 4-year old child from wearing “what was clearly female clothing in public,” while allowing the child’s mother to remain the primary caregiver.  The father,  who filed for primary custody upon learning the mother had allowed the child to wear “either male, female or gender neutral clothing” and “to go by a female name,” appealed the decision.  In February 2016, a second judge upheld the clothing restriction and granted the father primary custody of the child.  In September a third judge overturned the clothing restriction, saying “The child must be provided with male and female clothing and be allowed to choose what to wear.”

According to the child’s mother, the orders have had a negative impact on the child, alleging “[w]hen my child was removed and placed with Dad, they internalised it and took it like they did something wrong.  They were being bad because the judge doesn’t like them to be a girl.”  She plans to file a complaint demanding “better train[ing] on gender identity,” in hopes that “it would prevent other families going through the same experience.”

Canada order barring child from wearing girls’ clothes prompts call for change — The Guardian



Sergeant Jessica Hawkins (USA)


Sergeant Jessica Hawkins, male D.C. police officer who identifies as a transgender woman, was briefly suspended following allegations that the officer “[took] interns assigned to her unit out drinking with other MPD officers” and later showed them a “homemade video of her having sex with 4 men while she was intoxicated.”  Both interns were under the age of 21.  After admitting both allegations were true, Hawkins returned to active duty, including leading the department’s lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender liaison unit.

The D.C. police department released the following statement regarding Sergeant Hawkins:

“Following misconduct allegations, Sergeant Jessica Hawkins was the focus of a recent internal affairs investigation. That investigation has concluded and the findings are currently with the MPD’s disciplinary review division. The DRD will review and determine an appropriate penalty. Throughout the investigation, Sergeant Hawkins remained in her current assignment and is still widely considered a valuable MPD team member in our special liaison division.”  

FOX 5 uncovers disturbing info about DC police Sergeant Jessica Hawkins

“Feral Pines Revenge Coven” (USA)

On the evening of December 8th an anonymous group calling themselves the “Feral Pines Revenge Coven” affiliated with the anarchist site put superglue in the locks of the Rainbow Bakery in Bloomington, IN. The group’s actions were in response to treatment that transwoman Feral Pines allegedly received while working there before moving to Oakland. Feral Pines died in the Ghost Ship fire in Oakland, CA on December 2nd and this act was meant as a sort of revenge for his treatment during his life. The alleged mistreatment at Rainbow Bakery involved owners Matt Tobey and Lisa Dorazewski paying Feral Pines a “shitty training wage” and cutting his hours down to zero after he called out for a week due to a mental breakdown.

Rainbow Bakery has only expressed condolences regarding the death of Feral Pines and posted this statement to their Facebook page after needing to close due to the glue in their doorknobs.


The anarchists end their statement with this threat to the Rainbow Bakery, “Rainbow Bakery fucked with the Troll Queen, and now they will pay. This bit of sabotage is only a taste of what is to come for you goofy-ass muppet motherfuckers. We are going to destroy your business. Nothing will fucking stop us.”

Rainbow Bakery Sabotaged for Feral Pines — Bloomington, IN

Lafferty, et al. v. School Board of Fairfax County (USA)

Andrea Lafferty, head of the Traditional Values Coalition, and an unnamed minor referred to as “Jack Doe,” filed a brief with the Virginia Supreme Court in their lawsuit against the Fairfax County School Board.  The lawsuit alleges the defendants “violated state law when they added LGBT-specific protections to the district’s nondiscrimination policy in November 2014 and May 2015 respectively.”  Further, the suit describes Doe as being “distressed” regarding the school board’s failure to define “gender identity” or “gender expression” and worries he may face discipline for “unknowingly violating the ambiguous code of conduct.”

According to the reply brief filed with the Virginia Supreme Court, “[t]he question is whether the circuit court should have granted declaratory and injunctive relief instead of dismissing the Complaint with prejudice, because the Board violated Virginia’s long-standing Dillon Rule.”

Lafferty v. Fairfax County Public Schools (USA) — GIW, January 4, 2016

Anti-LGBT group files brief in Fairfax County schools lawsuit — Washington Blade

Lafferty, et al. v. School Board  of Fairfax County

e3 Civic High School (USA)

The ACLU has filed a lawsuit against San Diego’s e3 Civic High School, alleging “the charter school denied admission to a transgender student because of gender identity.”  According to the lawsuit, Helen Griffith, executive director of e3 Civic High, met with Mayra Velazquez and her child, a 15-year-old transgender girl who was seeking admission at e3 Civic High in October 2015.  “Griffith declined to admit Velazquez’s daughter, claiming there was no space at the school and allegedly placing her on a waiting list,” although the ACLU claims e3 Civic High was “at least 70 students under its enrollment capacity” and that “[t]he charter subsequently admitted another student who was not transgender.”

ACLU sues charter claiming transgender student denied admission — The San Diego Union-Tribune