New Cross Learning — “What is Gender” (U.K.) @newxlearning @act4transhealth

New Cross Learning a.k.a. New Cross People’s Library, “a community-run library, writing, arts and IT centre” in London, U.K. was planning to host a panel discussion titled “What is Gender: The Gender Recognition Act and Beyond” featuring panelists Julia Long and Miranda Yardley.

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Martha Harvey, Executive Director of the Pride Center of the Capital Region @CapitalPrideCtr (USA)

In June, Martha Harvey, executive director of the Pride Center of the Capital Region in Albany, NY, shared an article from Feminist Current titled, “Lesbianism is under attack, though not by the usual suspects” on the Pride Center’s Facebook page with the comment, “Interesting article. What do you think?”

The article discusses the historical erasure and abuse of lesbians, and criticizes the modern attack on lesbians “as the queer movement send lesbians the message that refusing to consider sex with somebody with a penis is bigoted.”

Unsurprisingly, men who seek to coerce lesbians into validating their identity as lesbians by sleeping with them (“transwomen”) were extremely offended by the act of offering an interesting article as a catalyst for dialogue on the Pride Center’s Facebook page, and immediately set about attacking the lesbian who dared promote such bigotry. It is worth mentioning that the article specifically refers to the fact that “lesbians who are not willing to consider transgender partners are labelled ‘TERFs,’ a term that means ‘Trans Exclusionary Radical Feminists’ and is too-often attached to violent threats,” which is again, unsurprisingly, what transpired following the sharing by Harvey of the aforementioned article.

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Dr. Helen Webberley (U.K.)



Dr. Helen Webberley, a Welsh general practitioner (“GP”) is being investigated by the General Medical Council (“GMC”) following complaints by two National Health Service (“NHS”) consultants alleging that she gave “cross-sex hormone treatment” to children as young as twelve years old at her private clinic. “Guidelines on the NHS do not allow doctors to prescribe cross-sex hormone treatment for children.”

Dr. Webberley “has been restricted from treating transgender patients unsupervised” while under investigation by the GMC.

GP probed for giving child, 12, gender-change hormones — BBC News

GP who gave child, 12, sex-change drugs ‘after one-hour training course’ is investigated by medical watchdog over her work with youngsters who want to change gender —


Richard Simmons v. American Media, Inc. et. al. (USA)

Judge Keosian, presiding over the Los Angeles County Superior Court, has issued a final ruling in a Richard Simmons’ defamation lawsuit, granting the defendant’s “special motion to strike the complaint.” The ruling dismisses the case and invites the defendant, the media company that publishes the National Enquirer, to file a motion for attorneys’ fees.

Richard Simmons v. American Media, Inc. et. al. (USA) — Gender Identity Watch

Richard Simmons’ libel lawsuit against National Enquirer officially tossed —

Richard Simmons has been ‘left with huge legal bills’ following his failed National Enquirer defamation lawsuit after the mag called him transgender —

Jessica Winfield, a.k.a. Martin Ponting (U.K.)

Jessica Winfield is a man (formerly known as Martin Ponting) who was convicted of raping two young girls in 1995.  He now identifies as a woman, and is currently serving a life sentence at HMP Bronzfield in Ashford, U.K., Europe’s largest prison for women, where he was transferred following his state-funded March 2017 “gender reassignment surgery.”  In reference to his “gender reassignment,” one of the women he victimized stated, “To assume the identity of a woman after what he did is a kick in the teeth.”

Winfield was segregated from the main prison population (WOMEN, who don’t deserve to be locked up with a MAN who has a history of RAPING WOMEN) last week.  While some news sites are reporting that he was segregated “after being reported for making inappropriate advances to other prisoners,” others are reporting he “was not placed into segregation for making inappropriate sexual advances to her fellow female inmates.”

Transgender rapist’s segregation in women’s prison ‘not due to sexual advances on inmates’ — The Independent

Transgender rapist moved to women’s jail put in segregation after making ‘unwanted advances’ on other lags — The Sun



Paris James McConville (USA)


Paris James McConville, a man who identifies as a woman, was arrested and held in a gender-neutral cell after he told Portland police officers that he “killed Mr. Thompson and deserved to be punished.”

Although McConville and Ryan D. Thompson had been friends for approximately a decade, McConville “strangled Thompson, then stabbed him” and “told police at one point during the fight, [he] texted Thompson to tell him she had a knife.”

McConville is charged with murder as well as unlawful use of a weapon.

Suspect strangled, fatally stabbed friend at Portland apartment, court docs say —

Suspect in SW Portland killing strangled friend, then stabbed him, records say —