Maddy Love @TransAtheistPod

Maddy Love is an atheist blogger who identifies as transgender. He contacted Cathy Brennan about doing an interview for his podcast, TransAtheistPod. The video recording of the interview follows; it cuts off a little at the end.

The interview covers the UN Letter, the Cotton CeilingChristopher Hambrookmale violence, transwomen allies like Aunty OrthodoxSnowflake Especial and Gender Minefieldhate speech and the Michigan Womyn’s Music Festival.

3 thoughts on “Maddy Love @TransAtheistPod

  1. Maddy spends a lot of time saying things like “well I certainly don’t support rape and death threats.” And? Thank you? Nice contribution to the conversation?

  2. One of many things that stuck out for me was his saying that drugstores should dispense “hormones” over-the-counter, without prescription… how naive is that? I would LOVE if women could walk into any drugstore and just be handed abortifacient pharmaceutical drugs like hormone-based Mifepristone or others. Obviously, non-surgical abortion.. and even before that, non-prescription contraceptives, are a much more pressing and statistically relevant consideration.

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