Maddy Love @TransAtheistPod

Maddy Love is an atheist blogger who identifies as transgender. He contacted Cathy Brennan about doing an interview for his podcast, TransAtheistPod. The video recording of the interview follows; it cuts off a little at the end.

[vimeo 93029889 w=500 h=375]

The interview covers the UN Letter, the Cotton CeilingChristopher Hambrookmale violence, transwomen allies like Aunty OrthodoxSnowflake Especial and Gender Minefieldhate speech and the Michigan Womyn’s Music Festival.

3 thoughts on “Maddy Love @TransAtheistPod”

  1. One of many things that stuck out for me was his saying that drugstores should dispense “hormones” over-the-counter, without prescription… how naive is that? I would LOVE if women could walk into any drugstore and just be handed abortifacient pharmaceutical drugs like hormone-based Mifepristone or others. Obviously, non-surgical abortion.. and even before that, non-prescription contraceptives, are a much more pressing and statistically relevant consideration.

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