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pussy_church_7The Pussy Church of Modern Witchcraft is a lesbian-led church for Women and Girls. Recently, Peter Reilly of Forbes wrote an article on the church’s filing for nonprofit status with the IRS. That led to a series of other articles or varying degrees of fairness and accuracy.
You may learn more about the church here.
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Florida House Bill 401 (USA)

Florida House Bill 401 would allow businesses, individuals, health care facilities and providers, adoption agencies, and other institutions to discriminate based on their religious beliefs. The bill is an overreaching response to gay organizations filing discrimination complaints against bakeries and florists for refusing to participate in same-sex marriage festivities.

HB 401

Doe v. Hartford Roman Catholic Diocesan Corp. (USA)

The Connecticut Supreme Court affirmed a judgment for Jacob Doe, a pseudonym, who attended a parochial elementary school in the early 1980s and suffered damages for emotional injuries resulting from sexual abuse by F, a priest employed by the Hartford Roman Catholic Diocesan Corporation. Specifically, Doe alleged that the Church, after learning that F was an alcoholic and had sexually assaulted minors in the past, negligently assigned F to serve as the director of the school. Doe further alleged that, having made this assignment, the Church negligently failed to adequately supervise F or to warn others that F might be a danger to minors.

In writing about the need to extend statutes of limitations in childhood sexual abuse civil lawsuits, the court noted that Professor Marci Hamilton observed that “[l]egislation that eliminates the civil [statute of limitations] or includes a discovery rule is supported by various studies on the long-term effects of child molestation and the likely delay in disclosure. Researchers in various studies have found-specifically in men who were sexually abused as children-that long-term adaptation will often include sexual problems, dysfunctions or compulsions, confusion and struggles over gender and sexual identity, homophobia and confusion about sexual orientation, problems with intimacy, shame, guilt and self-blame, low self-esteem, negative self-images, increased anger, and conflicts with authority figures. There is also an increased rate of substance abuse, a tendency to deny and delegitimize the traumatic experience, symptoms of [p]ost [t]raumatic [s]tress [d]isorder, and increased probability of fear and depression for all victims. Often, it is not until years after the sexual abuse that victims experience these negative outcomes. As clinician Mic Hunter has observed: ‘Some of the effects of sexual abuse do not become apparent until the victim is an adult and a major life event, such as marriage or birth of a child, takes place. Therefore, a child who seemed unharmed by childhood abuse can develop crippling symptoms years later . . . .'” (Footnotes omitted.) M. Hamilton, “The Time Has Come for a Restatement of Child Sex Abuse.” (emphasis added).

Doe v. Hartford Roman Catholic Diocesan Corp.

Houston, Texas (USA)

Houston, Texas Mayor Annise Parker said that the city would drop controversial subpoenas that asked five local pastors for copies of some of their sermons and communications. The city passed the Houston Equal Rights Ordinance, which provides protections to city’s gay and transgender community at the expense of Women. Led by some of the subpoenaed pastors, organizers collected signatures to try to repeal the ordinance through a referendum.

As The Washington Post explains, “supporters of the repeal reportedly gathered 50,000 signatures, well over the 17,269 needed for inclusion on the November ballot.” But the city threw out thousands of them, saying they were invalid, and that meant the question was removed from the ballots.

A group of Christians sued Houston and in response, the city issued subpoenas for the sermons and communications of five pastors that the city said could help prove their case in court.

Houston Narrows The Scope Of Controversial Subpoena Of Pastors’ Sermons _ The Two-Way _ NPR

Houston Approves Equal Rights Ordinance With LGBT Protections


Houston, we have a problem – Alliance Defending Freedom


Houston subpoenas pastors’ sermons in gay rights ordinance case – The Washington Post

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Catholic Independent Schools of the Vancouver Archdiocese (Canada)

CaptureCatholic schools in Vancouver have adopted a policy that could allow transgender students to use the pronouns, uniforms and washrooms that match their gender identity after a human rights complaint forced the local archdiocese to balance its religious teachings with the rights of transgender children.
The lawyer for the 11-year-old transgender girl behind the complaint says Catholic Independent Schools of the Vancouver Archdiocese appears to be the first Catholic school board in North American to implement such a policy.
Tracey Wilson’s doctors determined she had gender dysphoria, but the Catholic school she attended indicated it could not accommodate her request to be treated as a girl.
Wilson’s family moved Tracey and her siblings to the public school system and filed a human rights complaint, which has now been resolved with the school board’s new policy.
“This is, as far as we know, certainly a North American first and probably a world first,” said the Wilson family’s lawyer, barbara findlay, who spells her name without capital letters.
Vancouver Catholic schools get transgender policy after human rights complaint by Tracey Wilson _ CTV News.
Human rights complaint prompts new gender policy in Vancouver Catholic schools – British Columbia – CBC News.

Tia Michelle Pesando @TiamatMichelle @TiamatReborn (Canada)

Tia Michelle Pesando is a Man who identifies as a Woman, formerly called Ted. He is working on convincing the Catholic Church to admit him as a Carmelite nun. Given that nuns occupy women-only space, we look forward to seeing how the Catholic Church treats his request. Continue reading “Tia Michelle Pesando @TiamatMichelle @TiamatReborn (Canada)”

Southern Baptist Convention (USA)

The Southern Baptist Convention recently adopted a Resolution on Transgender Identity that calls on transgender people to become religious and have faith in God to assist them with their gender identity. The SBC is well known as a homophobic outfit, as evidenced by its prior resolutions on homosexuality and hate crimes.
The SBC departs from Pat Robertson, who expresses support for transgender people.
Southern Baptist Convention _ On Hate Crimes Legislation.
Southern Baptist Convention _ Resolution On Homosexuality.
Southern Baptist Convention _ On Transgender Identity.

Nisha Ayub & Justice For Sisters (Malaysia)


A group of transgender women in Malaysia has filed a ground-breaking court case challenging a local law that prohibits them from expressing their gender identity.

Sharia law in the state of Negeri Sembilan “prohibits any male person who, in any public place, wears a woman’s attire or poses as a woman”.
Malaysian transgender women take their fight to court – Australia Network News (Australian Broadcasting Corporation)

Rugby Christian Fellowship Church (UK)

A five year old boy has been banned from a church-run after-school club because he wears clothing designed for girls.
Mrs Bex Venables, the minister in training at the Rugby Christian Fellowship yesterday defended the decision.
‘[The boy] is still allowed to attend Buzz Children’s Club but has been asked to wear clothing of the gender stated on his registration form, which states male,’ she said.
In the UK, people are not permitted to change their gender on government documents until the age of 18. However, in most of the UK, transgender schoolchildren are treated as the gender they identify as. It would be interesting to know if this five year old boy identified as a girl, would the school then be ok with his choice of dress?
Boy, 5, banned from church-run club for wearing princess dresses _ Metro News.