Ramos v. Lynch (USA)

Jaime Ramos, a transgender woman from El Salvador, won an appeal of a denial of asylum based on the Board of Immigration Appeals’ failure to to consider Ramos’s argument that she will likely be persecuted or tortured if removed to El Salvador because she is a transgender woman. Ramos clearly asserted her gender identity as a basis for relief distinct from her sexual orientation. The immigration judge improperly conflated Ramos’s gender identity and sexual orientation. Although the BIA acknowledged that Ramos is transgender, its opinion offers no indication that it actually considered whether she is entitled to withholding or CAT relief as a result. The U.S. Court of Appeals for the Ninth Circuit remanded the case to the BIA to conduct further proceedings necessary to consider this claim.
Ramos v. Lynch

Jeune v. U.S. Attorney General (USA)

Yasmick Jeune is a Gay Man who apparently sometimes also claims to be a Woman. He is also a citizen of Haiti. He was convicted of several crimes and subsequently faced deportation proceedings. He objected to deportation because he would suffer “persecution countrywide in Haiti on account of his sexual preference and/or transgenderism.”
The U.S. Court of Appeals for the 11th Circuit rejected his petition.
Jeune Decision
Man Robbed By Woman Impostor _ NBC 6 South Florida

Monica Jones (Australia)


Monica Jones is a 30-year-old Man who identifies as a Woman. He engages in prostitution, and worked very hard to dismantle a diversion program for Women seeking to exit prostitution. He was denied entry into Australia in 2014 because he engaged in prostitution while on a prior trip to Australia, in violation of the terms of his visa. The Australian immigration minister is now seeking to quash Jones’ appeal of this denial.

Here is Jones admitting he engages in prostitution.


In his action to dismantle the Arizona diversion program, Jones swore up and down that he never engaged in prostitution, and he was victimized by police for “walking while trans.”

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Mondragon-Alday v. Lynch/Avendano-Hernandez v. Lynch/Godoy-Ramirez v. Lynch (USA)

Three Men who identify as Women won the right to asylum in the United States due to persecution in their country of origin.

Avendano-Hernandez v. Lynch

Godoy-Ramirez v. Lynch

ImmigrationProf Blog

Mondragon-Alday v. Lynch

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Job “Estrella” Antonio-Sanchez (USA)

A transgender woman from Mexico has been denied asylum for the second time by a federal immigration court in Georgia.  “Estrella” Antonio-Sanchez represented herself more than two and a half years ago in a court at the Stewart Detention Center in Lumpkin, Georgia. She applied for asylum, saying she was abused in Mexico for being transgender and feared to return to her home country. The judge denied her petition, but she appealed her case and got a second hearing last month, but her petition was again denied. Judge Dan Trimble’s ruling says she failed to demonstrate that the cause of the abuse was her gender identity.

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Guzman-Hernandez v. United States (USA)

Leonilo Guzman-Hernandez, a citizen of Mexico, illegally entered the United States without inspection in 2008. In July 2010, the Department of Homeland Security issued Petitioner a notice to appear, charging him as removable for having entered the United States without being admitted or paroled by an immigration officer. Petitioner conceded that he was removable as charged and filed an application for withholding of removal based on his membership in a particular social group—homosexuals. Continue reading “Guzman-Hernandez v. United States (USA)”


The Immigration and Customs Enforcement agency has announced that it will openly violate the rights of Women and Girls by housing transgender detainees based on the gender they identify with. Detention staff should consider transgender detainees’ preferences when making decisions about housing and clothing and what pronouns should be used, Immigration and Customs Enforcement said in new guidelines for the treatment of transgender detainees. Continue reading “ICE @ICEgov (USA)”

Talipov v. Holder (USA)

Bakhrom Talipov is a Man who identifies as a Woman named Victoria Jacobs. The U.S. Court of Appeals for the Second Circuit recently upheld a denial of her asylum petition. Jacobs claims that if she is sent back to Uzbekistan, she will be harmed. Unfortunately, Jacobs did not raise her claim of persecution because of transgender status at the outset of her asylum claim, so the federal appellate court held that the Board of Immigration Appeals  did not abuse its discretion in denying reopening based on the evidence concerning Talipov’s male-to-female transgender identity.

Talipov v. Holder.

Roig v. Holder (USA)

The U.S. Court of Appeals for the Second Circuit recently affirmed a decision to send Pedro Rafael Roig, also known as Peter Roig, a native and citizen of Cuba, back to Cuba despite his claims that he would be tortured and abused because of his homosexuality.  The court noted that “(w)e need not, and do not, conclude that Cuba fully respects the equal rights of sexual minorities; we hold only that the agency’s conclusion that it is not more likely than not that Roig will be arrested on the basis of sexuality is supported by substantial evidence in the record.”  The court noted that Cuba is committed as a signatory to the United Nations Declaration on Sexual Orientation and Gender Identity in support of the argument that Cuba is not necessarily an unsafe place to be gay.

Roig v. Holder.