Violence Against Women Act (USA)

Republicans in the House of Representatives introduced a modified version of the Violence Against Women Act that strips the bill of its express protections to include sexual orientation and gender identity, which would enable states to exclude lesbian, bisexual,transgender and transsexual women from receiving benefits under the grant.

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AC v Berkshire West Primary Care Trust (UK)

An NHS Trust acted rationally in refusing to provide breast enlargement surgery to a transsexual, a UK High Court ruled in 2010, even though there was credible medical evidence that the surgery would have been beneficial.

Court rules that NHS was right to reject transsexual’s breast enlargement claim _ Law _ theguardian.

AC v Berkshire West Primary Care Trust.

Brighton and Hove (UK)

The Trans Equality Scrutiny Panel was set up by Brighton and Hove City Council to examine the need of transgender people. The panel has since published a wide-ranging list of 37 recommendations to remove barriers to equality in Brighton and Hove. They included “removing the need to identify as male or female” when arriving at a doctor’s surgery, more training for council staff, police and health workers and providing trans toilets in public buildings. Already, NHS and housing services have committed to training their staff and the non-gender specific title ‘Mx’ has been added to council tax forms.

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Trans Equality Scrutiny Panel Emerging Issues.

Trans Equality Scrutiny Panel Final Report.


Scottish Police are undergoing training on transgender issues. In 2009 Scottish police were told, in a 140-page diversity guide, to let male transsexuals use ladies’ toilets. The handbook said: “A transgender person is not breaking the law by using the opposite gender (sic) toilet facilities from the gender (sic) they were labelled at birth.”

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Nepal has added a “third gender” option to government forms. The third gender, called “third gender,” is free for use for anyone who doesn’t want to be identified as male or female.

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“The Pledge for Full LGBT Equality” (USA)

This Pledge was developed by Juan Ahonen-Jover, PhD and Ken Ahonen-Jover, MD.
This Pledge was developed by Juan Ahonen-Jover, PhD and Ken Ahonen-Jover, MD.

Juan Ahonen-Jover, PhD and Ken Ahonen-Jover, MD, of eQualityGiving are pushing something called “The Pledge for Full LGBT Equality” that seems skimpy on details of how said pledge (1) defines gender identity and (2) weighs and balances the interests of transwomen with those of Women.


IN ORDER TO FULFILL the promises of life and liberty, and to ensure equal protection of the law as guaranteed by the United States Constitution;

TO PROTECT the inalienable human right to be safe from discrimination based on sexual orientation and gender identity as required by international law and treaty; and

TO END the systemic stigmatization, cease the societal rejection and heal the suffering of lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transgender Americans as mandated by conscience;

WE, the undersigned, pledge our support for the passage of omnibus LGBT equality legislation that grants full non-discrimination protections on the basis of sexual orientation and gender identity equal to those accorded other statuses under existing civil rights laws and Supreme Court jurisprudence, specifically including:

  1. Public Accommodations (Title II, 1964 Civil Rights Act)(e.g., restaurants, hotels, theaters)
  2. Public Facilities (Title III, 1964 Civil Rights Act) (e.g., courthouses, jails, hospitals, parks)
  3. Federally-Funded Programs (Title VI, 1964 Civil Rights Act) (e.g., adoption, police, schools, homeless youth, health care)
  4. Employment (Title VII, 1964 Civil Rights Act; 1978 Civil Service Reform Act; 1991 Government Employee Rights Act; 1995 Congressional Accountability Act; 10 U.S.C. Ch. 37) (e.g., civilian and military government, private sector)
  5. Housing (Title VIII, 1968 Civil Rights Act, aka the Fair Housing Act) (e.g., rental, purchase, finance)
  6. Education (Title IX, 1972 Education Amendments Act) (e.g., schools, bullying)
  7. Credit (1974 Equal Credit Opportunity Act) (e.g., credit cards)
  8. Federal Marriage Equality (based on gender/sexual orientation) (e.g., 1967 Supreme Court Decision, Loving v. Virginia)
  9. Immigration, Disability, and Family Leave (Uniting American Families Act (proposed), the American With Disabilities Act, and the Family and Medical Leave Act)

We call upon the Congressional LGBT Equality Caucus to lead the way by filing an omnibus LGBT equality bill immediately that includes all of the provisions enumerated above.

We further call upon Congress, and all candidates for elected office, to sign this pledge to pass such omnibus LGBT equality legislation immediately, but no later than 2014 — the 50th anniversary of the 1964 Civil Rights Act — fulfilling both their individual duty and that of the United States government to ensure justice, equality, and fundamental human rights protections for all Americans.

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The Indian Ministry of Social justice and Empowerment will form a board to look into issues of transgender and hijras across the country.

T R Meena, joint secretary said the ministry is entrusted with the responsibility to look into issues related to transgender and hijras and to coordinate with other ministries. J K Mishra, joint director, targeted intervention of Delhi State AIDS Control Society (DSACS) said: “We are going to start a separate targeted intervention for the transgender and hijras in every district of Delhi.”

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