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Female Erasure: What You Need To Know About Gender Politics’ War on Women, the Female Sex and Human Rights is available for purchase on Amazon.

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David-Elijah Nahmod @DavidElijahN (USA)

David-Elijah Nahmod is a Men’s Rights Activist in San Francisco, California who writes for various Gay Men’s publications, including South Florida Gay News. In January 2014, he penned a “news article” on the unsuccessful attempt of other Men’s Rights Activists to have Gender Identity Watch monitored as a hate group.  In his “news article,” he relied on RationalWiki as a reliable source, along with his own “hurt feelings” about an unsubstantiated Facebook encounter with Cathy Brennan. He also relies on Cristan Williams, a well-know MRA, as a source. Despite his claims, Nahmod made no effort to reach Brennan or anyone else for “comment.”

Nahmod was upset that Gender Identity Watch disproved his allegations. As a result of this action in 2014, he is allegedly now – in 2016 – circulating an email to various law enforcement agencies in Maryland in a attempt to get Cathy Brennan in some sort of legal trouble.




Keep Locker Rooms Safe (USA)

Keep Locker Rooms Safe was a Facebook page organizing against gender identity regulations in Washington state. The page was deleted by Facebook after Men’s Rights Activists mass-spam reported the page. The page moderators were threatened by MRAs for having the opinion that Men cannot be Women. From a page moderator:

“As you may also experience, we were being threatened and dealing with a ton of disgusting hate from the transgender community/allies. We decided to post screenshots of the filth and threats that they were making, and Facebook unpublished our page. Interestingly enough, they would not delete the posts when the people made them but they deleted our entire page which had over 2500 followers and SO MUCH great content. The trans community is going after us really really hard, but we will not let them shut us down. We started a new page,and would love if you guys join us there as well. We will be sharing and liking your page also. We have to stick together!”

A selection of transgender activism follows… Continue reading

National Union of Students @nusuk (UK)

In preparation for their annual Women’s Conference March 24 through 26, the UK’s National Union of Students (NUS) Women’s Campaign has published a document of proposed motions and amendments to their policy for the upcoming year.  Included in this document is Motion 405: Trans Inclusion in the Women’s Campaign: Siblings, Not Cisters.  The motion specifies the definition of women as “all who self-define as women” and encourages the Women’s Campaign to avoid terms such as “sisters” and use of any terms that refer to “a binary or two gender system.”  The motion also asserts, “Misgendering someone is an act of violence.”  The full text of Motion 405 reads as follows: Continue reading

Lauren “Riley” Kollaritsch & @ProjectQueer (USA)


Lauren “Riley” Kollaritsch is a Woman who apparently identifies as a nonbinary person named Riley. She operates a Tumblr blog called Project Queer, which disseminates anti-lesbian propaganda. She apparently wrote this blog post in which she confuses believing that the parents of a dead child don’t deserve to be harassed by strangers online with an endorsement of their religious beliefs.

Kollaritsch is one of many thousands of young Women who have embraced the misogynistic transgender agenda as a path to liberation.


Cathy Brennan on @SteveGruberShow (USA)

“Cathy Brennan

Women’s rights activist. The dangers of advancing transgender agendas and how women are impacted. Bathroom laws. What concerns should women have about the LGBT agenda.”