BMore Queer (Facebook)


BMore Queer is a Facebook group that recently removed a lesbian from the group after the lesbian objected to the anti-lesbian slur “TERF” used on this post:


In 2017, the LGBT Movement is an anti-lesbian movement that expects Lesbians to bow down to Queer ideology.


This Week In Transgenderism #ChelseaIsFree


Still No Arrest In Killing Of Kenneth Bostick, Transgender Man Widely Misgendered In Reports _ Village Voice

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Chelsea Manning, WikiLeaks source, thanks Obama for clemency ahead of early release – Washington Times

This Week In Transgenderism

You can read the god-awful Slate article here (it is from 2015) – Cisgender lesbians and trans women_ How to mend the rift_.

Here is an article on the murder of Brenda Bostick – Homeless man prime suspect in fatal beating of transgender woman – NY Daily News