San Francisco Dyke March #sfdykemarch @dykemarchsf #dykemarchsf

Actual lesbians expressed an unpopular opinion at San Francisco Dyke March this weekend.

Naturally, the Dyke March accused them of violence, because that’s what carrying signs means.

We support these women and their brave willingness to stand up and speak out in public.

Baltimore Pride 2018 @radfemradio (USA)

On June 16, three women marched in the Baltimore Pride Parade near Baltimore Mayor Catherine Pugh carrying signs that read “Dykes Don’t Like Dick,” “Woman is Not a Feeling,” and “Lesbian Not Queer,” among others. They were identified Sunday night by individuals who recognized them marching in the parade. Also, at least one of the women claimed credit on her Instagram page.

Women’s Liberation Radio News (WLRN) originally took credit for and reported on this action, but subsequently took its Facebook page down after Queer Librarian, a Facebook page “focusing on queer rights, activism, literacy, equality, intersectional feminism, and librarianship!” encouraged its followers to “fight some TERFs” by flooding the WLRN page with comments about “TERFs.” Although some gender identity activists (if you can call having a Facebook account activism) are falsely claiming they got WLRN banned from Facebook, the page was voluntarily deactivated by WLRN after the following post was deleted from Facebook.

Screen Shot 2018-06-20 at 6.20.58 PM


Who is Queer Librarian?


or you could just go back to posting about queer rights (whatever that means) and librarianship?

Screen Shot 2018-06-20 at 5.59.02 PM

in 2018, queer activists are worried about getting sent to FACEBOOK JAIL for making posts encouraging others to harass feminists who report items of interest to women, or “exclusionary bigots”


Screen Shot 2018-06-20 at 6.01.06 PM

this is garbage but also HAPPY PRIDE!!!

Tim Middaugh and Geoff Stringer

Tim Middaugh and Geoff Stringer are two white men who suck at music and are probably rapists, given their penchant for talking about how they want to curb stomp women for knowing men have penises.

They apparently live in St. Louis, Missouri, so be on the look out for these scary white straight men.



Nasim Aghdam (USA)

Nasim Aghdam is a woman who shot up YouTube. Some so-called “gender critical feminists” spread a rumor that Aghdam was a man based on her appearance and based on fake news accounts spreading the rumor.

Gender critical feminists who profile a woman as “man” based on her appearance sound a lot like transgender assholes who call butch lesbians “closeted transmen.” Gender critical feminists proposing policing public bathrooms are throwing women who do not look like their vision of “woman” under a bus.

People are molding their responses to Nasim Aghdam to fit the shape of their bigotry

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