Bianca Sawyer (Canada)

Bianca Sawyer is a Man who identifies as a Woman. Under his birth name, Jaris Lovado, Sawyer was sentenced on July 30 to nine months in jail after pleading guilty to committing several offences across British Columbia, Canada, including robbery, possession of stolen property and fraud. He was transferred to a Woman’s prison to serve his sentence.

Transgender inmate transferred from all-male Kamloops jail to female correctional centre – InfoNews

Rep. Keisha Waites @keishawaites & HB 716 (USA)

Georgia Rep. Keisha Waites introduced legislation to ban “sexual orientation change efforts” (more commonly called “conversion therapy”) with a person under 18 years of age. Unfortunately, the definition of “sexual orientation change efforts” includes gender identity, thus the bill would effectively ban therapy that suggests to children that gender identity itself is a false construct.

Conversion therapy is junk science. Efforts to make gender nonconforming children comfortable in their skin without telling them they are actually the opposite sex is feminism.

HB 716

Gender Identity Watch Comment on Proposed New York Gender Identity Regulations (USA)

Gender Identity Watch has submitted comment to the New York State Division of Human Rights with regard to the Division’s proposed gender identity regulations. You can read Gender Identity Watch‘s comment here.

An excerpt of the comment letter follows: Continue reading

Erik “Erika” Laurentz & Olympia City Jail (USA)


Erik “Erika” Laurentz is a Man who identifies as a Woman who has “helped” Olympia, Washington City Jail by requiring Male inmates who identify as Women to be searched by and housed with actual Women.


Unlikely pair team up to revamp Olympia jail’s transgender policy _ The Olympian


Tara Hudson #ISeeTara (UK)

Collect of Tara Hudson who has been sent to an all MALE prison sparking fears for her safety. See SWNS story SWGENDER; A sex-change woman who was born a man has been sent to an all MALE prison sparking fears for her safety. Striking Tara Hudson, 26, has lived as a female all of her adult life and undergone six years of gender reconstruction surgery. Her mother condemned the move yesterday (mon) and says her daughter's own doctor has confirmed that she is now a woman. But magistrates sentenced Tara her to 12 weeks inside tough all-male Bristol prison after she admitted assault because Tara's passport says she is still a man.

Tara Hudson is a Man who identifies as a Woman serving a prison sentence for assault in a Men’s prison. This has caused trans activists to protest. Query where Hudson should be housed, as he is biologically male.

Fears for transgender woman Tara Hudson sent to all-male Bristol prison _ Metro News

Ministry of Justice declines to intervene after trans woman sent to male prison · PinkNews