Jackson Mosher/Gwynevere River Song

Jackson Mosher/Gwynevere River Song  is a man who identified as a woman. In February 2017, he threatened Cathy Brennan directly by stating he would disseminate her “dox,” as documented in the attached screenshots.




In August 2017, Mosher was killed by his father after attempting to stab his father in his father’s home. As of today, Mosher’s father has not been charged in connection with his death, and seems sad that his child is dead.

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Notwithstanding that this was self-defense, media has reported this killing as a “hate crime.”

Texas Is at the Epicenter of an ‘Epidemic of Violence’ Against LGBTQ People – Rewire.News

1 dead, 1 hospitalized after shooting Saturday in Waxahachie


White v. New York City Police Department (USA)

NEW YORK, NY - SEPTEMBER 1: Marlow White and Donald Dunn speak with Huffington Post reporters in New York, Tuesday, Sept. 1, 2014. (Damon Dahlen/Huffington Post) *** Local Caption ***

Marlow White, 51, a transgender Manhattan man, filed a $2 million federal lawsuit against the New York City Police Department for allegedly repeatedly impeded attempts to report an alleged hate crime and failing to arrest the man who allegedly threatened White and White’s family. White claims that NYPD officers discriminated based on gender identity.

Trans Man Sues NYPD For Discrimination After Alleged Hate Crime

Brandon v. County of Richardson (USA)


Teena Brandon was a lesbian with gender dysphoria who was raped when two men discovered she was female. Brandon filed a police report with the County of Richardson, Nebraska, and was subjected to a degrading and humiliating interrogation.  Further, the police failed to protect Brandon, who was subsequently murdered.  Her mother then sued the county and Charles B. Laux, the sheriff who interrogated Brandon, for the suffering Brandon endured.

From the court decision (GRAPHIC CONTENT): Continue reading

Seattle Hate Crime (USA)

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Seattle police have arrested Artega Jackson and have a warrant to arrest Marjorie Marple for allegedly attacking a woman they thought was transgender. The victim told police she was photographing a garbage problem on 3rd Avenue and Virginia Street around 2 a.m. on June 11.

She said Jackson and Marple accosted her because they thought she was photographing them. The victim started recording video on her iPhone and one of the suspects started yelling. Court documents also said the suspects pulled the victim’s wig from her head and then called her a man and a transsexual. Continue reading

Stratosphere Skateboards (USA)

An aggressive man was brutally assaulted in from of Stratosphere Skateboards in Little Five Points, Atlanta, Georgia. Transgender advocates have latched onto this assault as evidence of a hate crime against a transgender woman. However, the man assaulted seems to be a participant in a hostile encounter in which he makes the following statements:

“I’ve got a fuckin’ pussy.”

“Fuck you, you’re an a-hole.”

“I’d fuck you up.”

The man assaulted seems to be engaged in aggressive macho posturing. He certainly did not deserve the brutal foot stomp he endured, but this does not appear to be a hate crime.

It is also disturbing to see so many people stand around and do nothing to end this confrontation peacefully. This is known as the Bystander Effect.


Graphic Video Shows Brutal Attack In Atlanta.

Transgender woman attacked in L5P, video shows _ Atlanta News & Opinion Blog _ Fresh Loaf _ Creative Loafing Atlanta.

Man who posted video of Little 5 Point attack says not case of transphobia » LGBT Georgia _ Gay Georgia _ Gay Atlanta _ LGBT Atlanta.

Search continues for participants, witnesses in Little 5 Points trans assault » LGBT Georgia _ Gay Georgia _ Gay Atlanta _ LGBT Atlanta.

“Die In A Fire” (Global)


Die in a fire” is a common refrain among transgender activists. It is typically spoken to women who object to the idea that “being a woman” is a matter of identifying with stereotypes associated with women.  This is a violent statement that ignores the reality that Women have been burned at the stake for centuries, as well as the modern horrors of women burned to death across the world. For example, Bride Burning is a phenomenon, mostly in Southeast Asia, in which the groom or his family kills the bride due to dissatisfaction over the amount or duration of the dowry. Kerosene is most often used as the fuel.

Recently, Yaz’min Shancez, a transgender woman of color, was found shot and burned to death in Southwest Florida. We are hopeful that this act against a vulnerable member of the transgender community – which we will speculate was committed by a man (as most of these acts are) – will perhaps give trans activists pause the next time they want to tell someone to “die in a fire.”

We sincerely hope that law enforcement arrests the people responsible for this heinous crime.

Vigil to be held Sunday in honor of transgender victim.


Law Commission (UK)

The Law Commission in the United Kingdom has recommended reforms to ensure the criminal justice system is able to make a ‘stronger and more coherent’ response to hate crime based on, among other things, transgender identity. 

Hate Crime Should the Current Offences be Extended.

Commission calls for review of hate crime _ News _ Law Society Gazette.