Ada J. Wells Nathanael Abbotts @adajwells (UK)

“Ada” Wells is a misogynistic, anti-lesbian Man who pretends he is a Woman. His real name is Nathanael Abbotts. He was recently elected to the Edinburgh University Students Union office as “LGBT convenor” despite the fact that he is a heterosexual man.

He is also anti-semitic.

.@WilliamsPolicy, Voting and Transgender People (USA)


The Williams Institute has updated its 2012 study of voting issues and transgender people, The Potential Impact of Voter Identification, with more grim speculation about the disenfranchisement of transgender people.

The study posits that “(a)ccording to the National Transgender Discrimination Study, 27 percent of transgender citizens who have transitioned reported that they had no identification documents or records that list their correct gender.” Query what “transition” means here if there is no legal record of attempting to change one’s sex. Does this mean that the person simply adopted a different name and different attire? Does this person have identification in the prior name?  Continue reading “.@WilliamsPolicy, Voting and Transgender People (USA)”

Michelle Bruce (USA)

1_21_candidate350The state of Georgia’s top court ruled in 2008 in favor of a transgender politician who was slapped with a lawsuit by two political opponents who claimed she misled voters by running as a woman.

The Georgia Supreme Court’s unanimous ruling found that the two political opponents who filed the lawsuit failed to produce evidence of fraud, misconduct or illegal action after claiming that Michelle Bruce bamboozled voters by identifying herself as female.

“This is a great victory for me and anyone who believes in equality,” Bruce said in a statement. “It gives me hope that the Georgia Supreme Court did what was right and did not buy into hate-based politics.”

Bruce, who was believed to be the state’s first transgender politician, landed one of four council seats in Riverdale, Georgia, in 2003. Running unopposed, she pledged to attract more jobs and residents to the struggling town 12 miles (19 kilometers) south of Atlanta.

In 2007, three people signed up to run against her, and she failed to capture enough votes to avoid a runoff against second-place finisher Wayne Hall.

The third-place finisher, Georgia Fuller, and a candidate in another race, Stan Harris, filed a lawsuit after the primary that identified Bruce as “Michael” and sought a new election.

It’s unclear whether most voters knew of Bruce’s transgender status before the lawsuit was filed. She has declined to say whether she has had surgery but said she has always identified herself as transgender.

“I’m Michelle,” she said when the suit was filed. “I’m the same Michelle they elected four years ago.”

Hall won the runoff, and Bruce blamed the lawsuit for her defeat.

Meanwhile, the complaint made its way through Georgia’s legal system. In its decision, the court ruled for Bruce and concluded that “none of these alleged irregularities is specific enough to cast doubts” on the election.

Gay rights groups said the lawsuit appears to be a first in the country.

“I am not aware of any other case involving the issue of whether a transgender candidate is defrauding the citizens,” said Cole Thaler, an attorney with Lambda Legal, a gay rights group.

Bruce’s attorneys said they felt vindicated by the ruling.

Michael King, the attorney for the plaintiffs, said he was disappointed and surprised by the decision.

“We think there were significant irregularities and misconduct to reverse the election,” he said.

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Chandni aka Aslam Pasha Candidacy (India)

A transgender woman will contest the Mysore City Corporation (MCC) election scheduled for March 7, 2013. Chandni aka Aslam Chandini is looking for a national party’s ticket. The major hurdle is that Pasha seeks a ticket from Ward 42 which is reserved for SCs. Reservation in elections is based on social category and for women. If Chandini is eligible, Chandini can contest in the reserved ward too, or else the best thing for her is to move to another ward. There is no reservation for transgender in India.