Seattle Queer Exchange (USA)

Seattle Queer Exchange is a Facebook Group that is ostensibly for Seattle queers to “share resources.” Despite the fact that the group “(does) NOT ask anyone about their flavour of queerness,” Seattle Queer Exchange is also apparently a place for people to discuss stalking lesbian feminists who reject transgenderism.

What follows are screenshots from a thread where numerous people in this group, including the moderators of the group, discuss stalking lesbians.

We received these screenshots from approximately 20 different people in the Seattle Queer Exchange  group. Continue reading “Seattle Queer Exchange (USA)”

Cathy Brennan Describes Trans Stalking and Harassment in Olympia, Washington (USA)

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David-Elijah Nahmod @DavidElijahN (USA)

David-Elijah Nahmod is a Men’s Rights Activist in San Francisco, California who writes for various Gay Men’s publications, including South Florida Gay News. In January 2014, he penned a “news article” on the unsuccessful attempt of other Men’s Rights Activists to have Gender Identity Watch monitored as a hate group.  In his “news article,” he relied on RationalWiki as a reliable source, along with his own “hurt feelings” about an unsubstantiated Facebook encounter with Cathy Brennan. He also relies on Cristan Williams, a well-know MRA, as a source. Despite his claims, Nahmod made no effort to reach Brennan or anyone else for “comment.”
Nahmod was upset that Gender Identity Watch disproved his allegations. As a result of this action in 2014, he is allegedly now – in 2016 – circulating an email to various law enforcement agencies in Maryland in a attempt to get Cathy Brennan in some sort of legal trouble.

Duane LeRoy Fox / Jennifer Ann Jasmaine vs. Futrell, Magana, Daughety, Byrd, Owens, Miley, Jackson, Lindsey, Richardson, Collens, Hacket, Daniles, Couch and John Does (USA)

Duane Leroy Fox is a lifetime registered sex offender for offences committed against a 14 year old, Fox was 31 at the time. He is currently a male prisoner in North Carolina.  He has filed a civil rights action pursuant to 42 U.S.C. sections 1983 which include: motions to amend prior action, motions for a preliminary injunction and motion to amend caption. Continue reading “Duane LeRoy Fox / Jennifer Ann Jasmaine vs. Futrell, Magana, Daughety, Byrd, Owens, Miley, Jackson, Lindsey, Richardson, Collens, Hacket, Daniles, Couch and John Does (USA)”

R. v. Elliott @amirightfolks @LadySnarksalot @greg_a_elliott (Canada)

Gregory Alan Elliott was cleared of two charges of criminal harassment that stemmed from his Twitter interactions with two Toronto women who believe transwomen are women.
Stephanie Guthrie and Heather Reilly accused Elliott of harassment partly based on his use of hashtags — a word, acronym or phrase after a number symbol used to create trackable conversations — they used. It was an assertion the judge found contrary to the open nature of Twitter. He said the pair may have felt harassed, but he couldn’t prove Elliott knew they felt that way, nor did the content of his tweets include explicitly threatening language.
The judge also noted a lack of “reasonableness” in Guthrie’s assertion she could expect to use Twitter to make negative comments about Elliott and not be exposed to his response or self defence.
This is a victory for freedom of expression. For the record, we think every person involved in this case is not worth following on social media.
R. v. Elliott
‘One man’s vulgarity is another man’s lyric’_ Toronto man found not guilty in Twitter harassment trial _ National Post

Adkins @dreanyc123 @glaze0101 v. City of New York (USA)

Justin Adkins is a Woman who identifies as a Man. Adkins was arrested on the Brooklyn Bridge on October 1, 2011. Following arrest, Adkins was handcuffed to a wall for seven hours. Adkins alleges different treatment because of transgender status. Adkins sued the City of New York, former mayor Michael Bloomberg, and various other officials, claiming (1) deprivation of federal civil rights in violation of § 1983, based on defendants’ harassment and mistreatment of transgender arrestees; (2) excessive use of force in violation of 42 U.S.C. § 1983 and the Fourth Amendment; (3) denial of equal protection in violation of § 1983 and the Fourteenth Amendment, based on sex and gender identity discrimination; (4) violation of § 1983 and the First Amendment, based on the punishing and chilling of plaintiff’s gender identity and expression; (5) unreasonable conditions of confinement under § 1983; (6) failure to intervene in violation of § 1983; (7) municipal liability under § 1983; and (8) supervisory liability under §§ 1981 and 1983.1 Defendants thereafter moved under Fed. R. Civ. P. 12(b)(6) to dismiss plaintiff’s complaint in its entirety for failure to state a claim. The Court granted defendants’ motion in most respects, but allows plaintiff’s Equal Protection claim against the City of New York to survive.
Adkins Opinion
Adkins Docket

Fiona Manson (UK)

A transgender man who wore a body suit and used a fake penis to trick a single mother into having sex has avoided jail. Fiona Manson, 25, who is now known as Kyran Lee, pretended to be a ‘good looking, muscular young man’ on the internet called Joey G-star Crislow. Lee started seeing the woman and the pair texted frequently and had phone sex. As the relationship developed, they started getting intimate and the victim had sex with Lee who remaining fully clothed.
Trans man spared jail after using fake penis to trick woman into having sex _ Metro News

Jane Maria Nicholson & SouthBay LGBT Center @SouthBayLGBT (USA)

Jane Maria Nicholson is a Man who identifies as a Woman and a board member of the SouthBay LGBT Center, a group that serves gay people, including youth. He is charged with sexually abusing minor boys.
Transgender Woman Accused Of Performing Sex Acts On Teenage Boys In Torrance « CBS Los Angeles

Adam "Sophia" Dalke Trans Equality @TransEquality (USA)

Adam Dalke is a Man who identifies as a Woman named Sophia. He recently holed himself up in a downtown D.C. office building in which he fired a handgun and threatened to kill himself and harm others. He is a volunteer for the National Center for Transgender Equality who is into porn and anti-feminist.
Dalke was not killed by police despite the fact that he has a gun that she shot and threatened to kill people with in D.C. during a heightened state of security. 
Armed trans woman arrested after 10-hour D.C
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Tara Hudson #ISeeTara (UK)

Collect of Tara Hudson who has been sent to an all MALE prison sparking fears for her safety. See SWNS story SWGENDER; A sex-change woman who was born a man has been sent to an all MALE prison sparking fears for her safety. Striking Tara Hudson, 26, has lived as a female all of her adult life and undergone six years of gender reconstruction surgery. Her mother condemned the move yesterday (mon) and says her daughter's own doctor has confirmed that she is now a woman. But magistrates sentenced Tara her to 12 weeks inside tough all-male Bristol prison after she admitted assault because Tara's passport says she is still a man.

Tara Hudson is a Man who identifies as a Woman serving a prison sentence for assault in a Men’s prison. This has caused trans activists to protest. Query where Hudson should be housed, as he is biologically male.

Fears for transgender woman Tara Hudson sent to all-male Bristol prison _ Metro News

Ministry of Justice declines to intervene after trans woman sent to male prison · PinkNews