Paris James McConville (USA)


Paris James McConville, a man who identifies as a woman, was arrested and held in a gender-neutral cell after he told Portland police officers that he “killed Mr. Thompson and deserved to be punished.”

Although McConville and Ryan D. Thompson had been friends for approximately a decade, McConville “strangled Thompson, then stabbed him” and “told police at one point during the fight, [he] texted Thompson to tell him she had a knife.”

McConville is charged with murder as well as unlawful use of a weapon.

Suspect strangled, fatally stabbed friend at Portland apartment, court docs say —

Suspect in SW Portland killing strangled friend, then stabbed him, records say —

This Week In Transgenderism #ChelseaIsFree


Still No Arrest In Killing Of Kenneth Bostick, Transgender Man Widely Misgendered In Reports _ Village Voice

Join Project #SaveEF

Chelsea Manning, WikiLeaks source, thanks Obama for clemency ahead of early release – Washington Times

This Week In Transgenderism

You can read the god-awful Slate article here (it is from 2015) – Cisgender lesbians and trans women_ How to mend the rift_.

Here is an article on the murder of Brenda Bostick – Homeless man prime suspect in fatal beating of transgender woman – NY Daily News

Benjamin Lee Hansen (USA)


Benjamin Lee Hansen, a man who identifies as a “trans femme,” was arrested and charged with disorderly conduct for fighting (along with two other men) on April 18 following a speech by white nationalist Richard Spencer at Auburn University in Auburn, Alabama. Continue reading

Transgender Activists (USA)

Since January 1, 2017, transgender activists have called lesbian activist Cathy Brennan at least 7 times to harass her for her view that transgenderism is harmful to Women and Girls. At least two occasions were witnessed by other people, and on those occasions the callers – a transgender woman and a man – used sexually explicit language.

Recordings of three of the calls follow:

If you have information on the identity of the callers, a $5,000 reward is available. Please leave a comment.

Seattle Queer Exchange (USA)

Seattle Queer Exchange is a Facebook Group that is ostensibly for Seattle queers to “share resources.” Despite the fact that the group “(does) NOT ask anyone about their flavour of queerness,” Seattle Queer Exchange is also apparently a place for people to discuss stalking lesbian feminists who reject transgenderism.


What follows are screenshots from a thread where numerous people in this group, including the moderators of the group, discuss stalking lesbians.

We received these screenshots from approximately 20 different people in the Seattle Queer Exchange  group. Continue reading