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Thomas “Badger” Hill, Yorkshire and Humber Young Greens co-chair and the Equalities Office of the Rotherham Green Party, is threatening to burn down a lesbian-led church. You can read more about the church here.


Mumsnet @MumsnetTowers ‏& Emma Healey (UK)

Emma Healey is a former Mumsnet employee who doxxed women from Mumsnet because they know penis is a male sex organ.emma

It is AMAZING that this is the hill women want to die on.

The MNHQ Moderation team _

Trans activists attack free speech with Mumsnet threats – The Christian Institute

The Christian InstituteIf Mumsnet can stand up for free speech, why can_t MPs_ _ Coffee House

Jackson Mosher/Gwynevere River Song

Jackson Mosher/Gwynevere River Song  is a man who identified as a woman. In February 2017, he threatened Cathy Brennan directly by stating he would disseminate her “dox,” as documented in the attached screenshots.




In August 2017, Mosher was killed by his father after attempting to stab his father in his father’s home. As of today, Mosher’s father has not been charged in connection with his death, and seems sad that his child is dead.

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Notwithstanding that this was self-defense, media has reported this killing as a “hate crime.”

Texas Is at the Epicenter of an ‘Epidemic of Violence’ Against LGBTQ People – Rewire.News

1 dead, 1 hospitalized after shooting Saturday in Waxahachie


Paris James McConville (USA)


Paris James McConville, a man who identifies as a woman, was arrested and held in a gender-neutral cell after he told Portland police officers that he “killed Mr. Thompson and deserved to be punished.”

Although McConville and Ryan D. Thompson had been friends for approximately a decade, McConville “strangled Thompson, then stabbed him” and “told police at one point during the fight, [he] texted Thompson to tell him she had a knife.”

McConville is charged with murder as well as unlawful use of a weapon.

Suspect strangled, fatally stabbed friend at Portland apartment, court docs say —

Suspect in SW Portland killing strangled friend, then stabbed him, records say —

This Week In Transgenderism #ChelseaIsFree


Still No Arrest In Killing Of Kenneth Bostick, Transgender Man Widely Misgendered In Reports _ Village Voice

Join Project #SaveEF

Chelsea Manning, WikiLeaks source, thanks Obama for clemency ahead of early release – Washington Times