McAdams v. Marquette University (USA)


John McAdams, a former Marquette University professor who wrote a blog post  criticizing a student instructor he believed shut down debate against gay marriage wrongfully lost his job because of what he published. The 120-page decision concluded that the private Catholic school breached its contract with professor McAdams that guaranteed academic freedom and that he should be immediately reinstated.

We agree, and as a lesbian, I don’t want professors trying to protect gay people from arguments against the gay rights movement. If our movement is sound, it should stand on its own merit.

Wisconsin high court sides with fired conservative professor

Marquette Warrior_ Marquette Philosophy Instructor_ “Gay Rights” Can_t Be Discussed in Class Since Any Disagreement Would Offend Gay Students



Hole in One Associates LP v. Bytelair Inc. (USA)

A firm affiliated with Larry Gluck’s Stellar Management is involved in a lawsuit over wild transgender sex parties held in one of the office spaces which it rents out. Hole in One Associates LP, the owner of 12 E. 32nd Street, filed a lawsuit against its new sixth-floor tenant, Bytelair Inc. Bytelair allegedly entered into the lease, which began on Dec. 1, 2014, “for the purported and permitted ‘use’ of general office and meeting space.” Hole in One says its other tenants complained that “(s)ince shortly after defendant’s (sic) took occupancy of the premises, it came to plaintiff’s attention that defendant was not using the subject premises for general office space but rather, was using the premises to host ‘parties’ for purposes of permitting, encouraging, allowing individuals and/or groups to engage in sexual activity.”

“More particularly, the defendant has been advertising and using the subject premises to host parties for sexual activity by and between ‘transsexual’ and/or ‘transgender’ individuals and/or groups.” Hole in One says use of the premises “as an illegal sex club” violates the lease and various laws, building and health codes, while also creating “a dangerous and unsafe condition.”

Tranny Sex Club Drives NYC Landlord to Court

Larry Gluck Affiliate Suing over Sex Parties in Leased Offices – Jewish Business News