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Everyday Victim Blaming, an online project “set up to challenge the blame culture associated with domestic and sexual violence, rape and abuse against women and children,” is now being used to harass lesbians and feminists with a critical view of gender. This signals mission drift, a concerted effort to silence dissenting voices, or the fact that transwomen have appropriated the original project for their own agenda.

Press Release – Everyday Victim Blaming _ Ending Victimisation & Abuse.

Making Victims of Victims _ Ending Victimisation & Abuse.

Unfair, Unbalanced and Afraid: Fox News’ Growing Pro-Homosexual Bias and the National Lesbian & Gay Journalists Association (USA)

Right wing Christian activist Peter LaBarbera issued a report called Unfair, Unbalanced and Afraid: Fox News’ Growing Pro-Homosexual Bias and the National Lesbian & Gay Journalists Association. It provides his perspective on the tactics used by GLBT organizations to silence dissent. Ironically, GLBT activists currently employ these same tactics against Lesbians and Feminists who are critical of the GLBT Movement’s pro-porn, pro-gender agenda.

Unfair, Unbalanced and Afraid: Fox News’ Growing Pro-Homosexual Bias and the National Lesbian & Gay Journalists Association.

Radfem 2013 (UK)

Following the concerted efforts by transgender/men’s rights activists to stop radical feminists from meeting in 2012, men once again targeted women attempting to meet to discuss radical feminism. Originally schedule at the london Irish Center, the booking was cancelled due to threats by these violent men. The event later went off publicly at the Camden Center.

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Radfem 2012 (UK)

Transgender activists harassed radical feminist women attempting to hold a radical feminist conference in the United Kingdom. They managed to intimidate the original venue, Conway Hall, into cancelling the booking. The conference was later held elsewhere and was hugely important in revitalizing the worldwide radical feminist movement.

Let us be free to debate transgenderism without being accused of ‘hate speech’ _ Sheila Jeffreys _ Comment is free _ theguardian.

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NYC Dyke March 2012 (USA)

Ida Hammer Holly Renee Reinhardt

Queer activists led by Ida Hammer and Holly Renee Reinhardt accosted a lesbian at a Dyke March because they were offended that the lesbian knows sex is not gender.

Dyke March Video.

More Dyke March Video.

Stfu Assholes • TRIGGER WARNING_ Cathy Brennan.

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Facebook continues its de facto policy of banning and silencing radical feminist and lesbian feminist opinions. Typically, such opinions are reported by transgender activists or men’s rights activists.


You can read the link referred to in the banned comment here.

Lesbian-Feminism and Queer Theory_ Another “Battle of the Sexes”.

Ronald Gold

“Ronald Gold opened a brief biography by stating that he “was born in Brooklyn in 1930, entered Brooklyn College at fifteen, and took twelve years to get a degree. By that time he had been a junkie in San Francisco and had his head shrunk in Topeka, KS.”

A sharp writer with an uncompromising style, Gold built a career writing for a number of publications, including Variety.

It was at the age of forty-one that Gold made the decision to dedicate his time and energy to being “a full-time gay liberationist.” He was the media director of the Gay Activists Alliance, one of the founding members of the National Lesbian and Gay Task Force, and played a lead role in persuading the American Psychiatric Association to remove homosexuality from its list of mental disorders.”

In 2009, Gold wrote an opinion piece for the pro-Gay male blog Bilerico that earned him the scorn of Men. From Wayne Dynes:

“Recently, the administrators of the site invited Ronald Gold to serve as a columnist. Gold, a veteran New York City gay activist who earned our respect for his selfless work in the years immediately following Stonewall, chose to write his first column on a controversial subject, the rationale regarding transgendered people. He apparently did not realize that this was a no-go zone. These individuals are the poster children of the current postmodernist phase of the LGBTQ movement (perhaps I should write lgbTq movement). At all events a fire storm ensued. Gold was immediately sacked, and the offending column was deleted from the site.”

Dyneslines_ The ordeal of Ronald Gold.


Women For Academic Freedom (USA)

In response to a letter calling for censorship of Sheila Jeffreys’ next book, Women For Academic Freedom issued a letter to Dallas Denny and Jamison Green condemning their strong-arm silencing tactics.

“In researching this situation we have found a deeply disturbing pattern of lies and manipulations coupled with threats and other unsavory tactics, all of which are documented, some even on video. As academics, as researchers and as writers we assert that this tyranny carries us right back to McCarthyism. The letter, a prodigious example of arrogance and bullshit sounded a warning and rallied us from across the curriculum. We recognize the telltale signs of a dangerous movement that feigns legitimacy in postmodern pseudoscience and meaningless jargon,” the group wrote.

Letter to Dallas Denny and Jamison Green.

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Shakesville Transphobia in the Academy Feminist Edition.

Dallas Denny and Jamison Green (USA)

Dallas Denny JamisonGreen

Transgender activists Dallas Denny and Jamison Green want to censor lesbian feminists and prevent them from expressing the opinion that transgenderism is anti-feminist and incompatible with women’s liberation. To that end, they sent a letter to the publisher of Sheila Jeffreys’ forthcoming book on transgenderism. With unprecedented arrogance and gall, the gender-loving duo suggested that they receive an advance copy of the book to ensure that Jeffreys uses language that accommodates their gender delusions.

(With Jamison Green) Letter to Taylor & Francis RE Sheila Jeffreys (2012)_ Dallas Denny_ Body of Work.

Blog Post.


Toni D’Orsay

Toni D’Orsay is a Men’s Rights Activist who routinely harasses lesbians for knowing Sex exists. He is asking the Southern Poverty Law Center to recognize this blog as a “hate group,” along with the following people:

Petition _ Southern Poverty Law Center_ Recognize Gender identity Watch as a Hate group _ Change.