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36-year-old Centia Renee Martin, a Man who identifies as a Woman, killed a 74-year-old man in the head with a shotgun at some point between Jan. 10 and Jan. 13. He nearly decapitated him with a knife, said Deputy Dist. Atty. Steven Gates, who prosecuted the case.

The Los Angeles Times reported that this crime was committed by a Woman. It was not. This is the willful publication of false information to advance a men’s rights agenda.

Topless maid convicted of killing, nearly decapitating retired police officer – LA Times

Mya Adriene Byrne @myadriene (USA)



Mya Byrne is a Man who identifies as a Woman. He is also a bluegrass musician who recently penned a poem about masturbating with his sister’s undergarments. He banned a woman from his Facebook page for pointing out that Women do not generally do this.

See page 15 of this document for his “poem.”




Selena Lester Breikss & Washington State University @WSUNews Campus Reform @campusreform @peterjhasson (USA)


Selena Lester Breikss is (apparently) a Transwoman under fire for telling students they cannot refer to people as Male or Female in the class Breikss teaches at Washington State University. Breikss’ now-deleted school biography refers to their affiliation with the Gender Alliance of the South Sound, a transgender organization.

This report regarding the ban on saying Male or Female first appeared in Campus Reform, a right-wing publication. Oddly, Campus Reform did not report that Breikss appears to be Male. Transgender Women work extremely diligently to ensure that Women are prevented from discussing Female reality.


Dawn Ennis @lifeafterdawn & The Advocate @TheAdvocateMag (USA)


Dawn Ennis is a Man who identifies as a Woman who works as a reporter for The Advocate. He has written an article here in which he continues the GLBT tradition of monstering all Women who object to gender identity, falsely asserting that Cathy Brennan “is strongly opposed to civil rights protections for trans people.” Brennan has, in fact, openly campaigned in support of civil rights protections based on gender identity and does not support any form of irrational discrimination against transgender people. Ennis cannot seem to understand that Women can read legislation and form objections to bills based on the fact that such bills – to the extent they override rational concerns about Women’s security and safety by pretending sex does not matter – represent bad public policy for Women.

Ennis’ assertion is demonstrably false, but Men like Ennis have a vested interested in ensuring Lesbians who care about Female reality are painted in a negative light.

Meghan Murphy @MeghanEMurphy, Feminist Current @FeministCurrent, & Maggie’s Toronto @MaggiesToronto (Canada)

Men’s Rights Activists that support the continued sexual exploitation of Women and Children continue to attack feminist Meghan Murphy. The MRAs attacked Murphy a few months ago  for “transphobia” for Murphy’s suggestion that Laverne Cox’s nude photos were not actually empowering. The MRAs also claimed that Murphy’s criticisms of prostitution posed a physical danger to women being trafficked for sex, and were inherently racist and transphobic. Her critics threatened a boycott of her employer, rabble.ca, asking that it fire her from her editorial position.

The MRAs are continuing their campaign against Murphy here. All of this effort is directed at a woman whose only crime is having the opinion that Women and Children should not be sexually exploited.

One of the leading organizing forces, Maggie’s Toronto, received more than 90% of its funding from the government from  2012 to 2014, the most recent years for which statements are public. During that time, Maggie’s has organized around the decriminalization of “youth sex work,” (child prostitution). Maggie’s quietly normalizes child sex (rape) trafficking, and you can sign a petition asking the Ontario government to investigate whether they’re using government resources to promote child sex trafficking.

In 2015, “social justice” means that the Women who campaign against the sexual exploitation of Women and Children are “bad.”

Liz Henry and Tim Chevalier Geek Feminism @geekfeminism (USA)

Liz Henry and Tim Chevalier of Geek Feminism filed DMCA complaints against this blog for our fair use of their statements about the Dana McCallum rape case. Geek Feminism supports the right of a Man to be called a Woman over the right of Women to call a rapist a Man. Transgender activists regularly file DMCA complaints as a way to silence critical discussion of transgenderism.

Neoliberals like Henry and Chevalier push a regressive agenda that supports the notion that “being a woman” is simply a matter of a Man saying he is a Woman. As radical feminists, we understand that girls are born female. We also understand that gender is the mechanism of women’s subordination, and that simply because we are born female does not mean anything other than girls and women  – as a class – are vulnerable to getting pregnant. This does not mean women should get pregnant. This does not mean that Women are more nurturing. This does not mean that Women are weak. It simply means that women and girls – as a class – have female biology.

We are tired of neoliberals hiding their blatant misogyny – that “being a Woman” is an idea in a Man’s head – behind a faux equality agenda. We reject their politics and their framing. We encourage fair and open discussion of these issues.

The Emperor Has No Clothes.

[DMCA Notice #41694] – Cathy Brennan (bugbrennan@hushmail

[DMCA Notice #41695] – Cathy Brennan (bugbrennan@hushmail

Joey Stevenson/Joey Cupcake @JoeyStevenson @joeyxo & After Ellen @afterellen (USA)


Joanna “Joey” Stevenson is a hairdresser in San Francisco. She recently wrote this piece for AfterEllen about assertions from many lesbians, including Alix Dobkin and Sally Tatnall, that lesbian culture is dying. In a bizarre rant that seems cobbled together from Tumblr posts, Stephenson claims that a 2011 letter to the United Nations noting the conflict presented by overbroad gender identity laws actually stands for the proposition that Cathy Brennan believes that men transition in order to rape lesbians. Stevenson writes:


This is, of course, wholly false, which you can confirm by simply reading the United Nations letter. This lie, however, has been repeated elsewhere, as you can see in a Cathy Young column here

Apparently, Stevenson wants the word “lesbian” to become synonymous with anything except what a lesbian is – an adult female homosexual.

UPDATED: Here is Joey “doxxing herself” in this article from April: Last call for city’s last lesbian bar – SFGate

“Evidence Supporting the Biological Nature of Gender Identity” & Dawn Ennis @lifeafterdawn, Transition Radio @RadioTransition & The Advocate @TheAdvocateMag (USA)

“Evidence Supporting the Biological Nature of Gender Identity”  is a paper by Aruna Saraswat, MD, Megan Weinand, BA, BS, and Joshua D. Safer, MD. Recently, Dawn Ennis, ostensibly a reporter for The Advocate, used the paper to refute an assertion that there is no biological basis for gender identity, as follows:
CaptureWhat the paper actually says is that “(d)ifferent etiologies have been suggested as the cause of transgender identify however none have been proven definitively.” Additionally, the quote Ennis cites does not appear in the study, which you can read here. This is generally called “lying.” (The quote appears in a press release about the study, which you can read here.) Nothing in the paper shows a mechanism, or a connection of an observed structure with a specific behavioral manifestation. “We see this somewhat dissimilar physical structure” is a far cry from saying, “we know that this physical structure is connected directly to X behavior in this particular way.” Even fairly obvious, gross differences in brain mass between male and female persons has been proven to have merely a correlation to overall body size rather than to intelligence or anything so clear. Ennis continues the transgender tradition of cherry picking and, also, just making quotes up.

Anil Dash @AnilDash @ThinkUp (USA)

This is a Guest Post from an Anonymous Woman on Male Feminist Anil Dash, who came to our attention when he thought it was his place to demand Lesbians “love and respect” Men who repeatedly violate Women.

Since Anil Dash is so keen to question whether feminists love and respect trans people enough for his taste, and equally rushed to slander lesbians on their behalf, let’s look at some of the people Dash loves and respects.

For instance. Here’s Dash chumming it up with Dana McCallum, who ended up being convicted of violently abusing their wife, but only served four days in jail for it because of their reputation as an LGBT-rights and diversity activist. Dash should think very hard about what he believes as a result of conversations with this violent and dangerous person, because abusive individuals often have high emotional intelligence and will groom their friends to think in ways that reduce sympathy for their victims.

Here’s Dash chumming it up with @oolon and @VanguardVivian, males who think it’s a hate crime to believe that penises are male sexual organs. Males who think the term “female genital mutilation” is “cissexist” and were willing to add a woman of color to The Block Bot for disagreeing about that.

Here’s Dash talking with Melissa Gira Grant, a woman who appears to believe that adults should be able to legally purchase sex from children, including trans children who may be pushed unwillingly into the sex trade through poverty and homelessness.

Whenever Grant talks about police or “carceral feminism,” you should replace that text with these words to help make sense of her full position: “I’m playing on your sympathies for desperate children to claim that adults should not be arrested for child rape.” How does supporting the full legalization of pedophiles’ access to trans children for sexual exploitation love and respect them?

Here are some of Grant’s thoughts on “young people who do sex work.” She thinks that what hurts young people in the sex trade are laws against raping them. Emphasis added.

Melissa Gira Grant: “Prohibitions on sex work —
even when targeted at third-parties such as customers
advertising venues — criminalize young people and force them further
underground in order to meet their survival needs. As a result, they
are more vulnerable to violence and isolated from one another and from
rights advocates.”

Driving the point home farther down in her essay, Grant says more explicitly that she doesn’t think statutory rape prohibitions should be part of the criminal code. However, these laws are based on the legally and scientifically sound understanding of juveniles as still needing time to mature before making adult decisions whose consequences they can’t fully understand, or before being capable of consensually responding to sexual advances from an adult.

Melissa Gira Grant: “We must also recognize that not all
young people who do sex work and who are impacted by the sex trade are

Here’s Dash dismissing someone for getting “het up” over women being added to The Block Bot for opposing hate speech against lesbians and feminists.

Dash should be asking himself whether he loves and respects trans people, children who are serially raped in the sex industry, or women of any description. Feminists will be over here continuing to not need his “help” figuring out what we should think about these issues or his awful friends.