The Wild Hunt @thewildhunt (USA)

unnamed (1).jpgThe Wild Hunt is an online news source for pagan news. The website recently published a fair article on the Pussy Church of Modern Witchcraft. After men complained, the website groveled to them.

You can read the fair article here. You can read the groveling here.

Thomas “Badger” Hill @Steam_Badger @RothYoungGreen @YoungGreenParty ‏@TheGreenParty


Thomas “Badger” Hill, Yorkshire and Humber Young Greens co-chair and the Equalities Office of the Rotherham Green Party, is threatening to burn down a lesbian-led church. You can read more about the church here.


McAdams v. Marquette University (USA)


John McAdams, a former Marquette University professor who wrote a blog post  criticizing a student instructor he believed shut down debate against gay marriage wrongfully lost his job because of what he published. The 120-page decision concluded that the private Catholic school breached its contract with professor McAdams that guaranteed academic freedom and that he should be immediately reinstated.

We agree, and as a lesbian, I don’t want professors trying to protect gay people from arguments against the gay rights movement. If our movement is sound, it should stand on its own merit.

Wisconsin high court sides with fired conservative professor

Marquette Warrior_ Marquette Philosophy Instructor_ “Gay Rights” Can_t Be Discussed in Class Since Any Disagreement Would Offend Gay Students



Mumsnet @MumsnetTowers ‏& Emma Healey (UK)

Emma Healey is a former Mumsnet employee who doxxed women from Mumsnet because they know penis is a male sex organ.emma

It is AMAZING that this is the hill women want to die on.

The MNHQ Moderation team _

Trans activists attack free speech with Mumsnet threats – The Christian Institute

The Christian InstituteIf Mumsnet can stand up for free speech, why can_t MPs_ _ Coffee House

Miranda XYardley @TerrorizerMir The Labour Party @UKLabour


GpgGDXK4Miranda Yardley is a fantastic human being who stands up for Women and Girls, and rejects the ideology of Transgenderism. Recently, Miranda received a letter from the Labour Party inquiring into posts made on Miranda’s Twitter account. We provide the letter below. THIS IS ORWELLIAN AND SCARY.

Miranda regrets nothing.





Keep Locker Rooms Safe (USA)

Keep Locker Rooms Safe was a Facebook page organizing against gender identity regulations in Washington state. The page was deleted by Facebook after Men’s Rights Activists mass-spam reported the page. The page moderators were threatened by MRAs for having the opinion that Men cannot be Women. From a page moderator:

“As you may also experience, we were being threatened and dealing with a ton of disgusting hate from the transgender community/allies. We decided to post screenshots of the filth and threats that they were making, and Facebook unpublished our page. Interestingly enough, they would not delete the posts when the people made them but they deleted our entire page which had over 2500 followers and SO MUCH great content. The trans community is going after us really really hard, but we will not let them shut us down. We started a new page,and would love if you guys join us there as well. We will be sharing and liking your page also. We have to stick together!”

A selection of transgender activism follows… Continue reading