Doe v. A & W Canada (Canada)

A man posing as a “radical lesbian feminist”  named Gloria Ironbox (the same name as a parodied feminist on the adult cartoon series Family Guy) recently filed a discrimination complaint against a hamburger chain in Canada for the hamburger chain’s marketing of certain meals based on family roles.  He wrote:

As a lesbian feminist, the whole notion of labelling a burger patron as a (Papa, Mama, Grandpa or Teen) based solely on the choice of meal is highly degrading and an attack on my womyn identity. The level of humiliation and degradation I felt exceeded that which I felt when I was raped. The whole heteronormative, phallocentric marketing scheme of A&W is highly degrading to non-traditional families, especially members of the LGBTQ2S community. Since that visit, I have found myself isolating and I have started doubting my own self-worth.

He suggested that A&W should be required to develop and implement a modern burger family which is more inclusive and empowers “members of the LGBTQ2S community.”

He went on:

Science has shown that up to 5 adults can take part in the procreation process. Therefore, the notions of motherhood, and more importantly, fatherhood, should be completely abolished. Fatherhood is a concept which perpetuates the oppression of womyn and serves to legitimize our patriarchal, misogynistic society. Any references to males should be omitted, as at present, all forms of relationships between womyn and men are basic forms of institutional rape.

Ontario’s human rights tribunal dismissed the complaint as  “outrageous” and “vexatious.”

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Doe v. A & W Canada.


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