Recently, a Man who “feels like a Woman” left a comment on this blog. We will attempt to parse his comment and respond to it.

“Transgender activism is WOMEN RIGHTS and feminist at the core.”

This is an opinion statement. This is his opinion. Many of us (let’s call us radical feminists) disagree with this opinion. That’s ok. People are allowed to disagree.

“I appreciate that you are wasting time on such non-issues as people’s birth names, old gender identities, but in the end you are just promoting misogyny at the core.”

We don’t believe that most transgender people believe that “people’s birth names” are non-issues, as transgender people lobby very hard to have easy access to courts and other legal processes in order to change them. We track those developments because we believe that such developments can have negative effects on Women. We don’t know what an “old gender identity” is. We don’t think lesbian feminists observing legal developments and commenting on them “promotes misogyny at the core.” Do you? If so, why?

“Men have taught you the same precepts for so long that you cannot now tell the difference between someone who is natal female and one who has grown into a woman. One may not have been a girl, but yes they grew into a woman.”

Always fascinating to see the Male obsession with passing. Also, Females are born Female.

To separate and define ‘sex’ is not really in your place. God decided to make all humans, not just two genders that are so neatly wrapped into the framework of the limited human mind.

We don’t separate and define “sex.” Sexual dimorphism actually exists. It’s an observable fact. This is why we might say, flippantly, “ask your mommy where babies come from.” As for God, that’s religion. That’s faith. You are certainly entitled to your belief in God. Or Gender. And speaking of “two genders,” it seems you are conflating sex and gender AGAIN. Gender is a system. It’s not a binary. As Lierre Keith has said, Gender is a hierarchy.

Try as you may, your initiative is cursed to fail, and do you know why? Most likely because you are perpetuating STEREOTYPES (a word used over&over&over in your propaganda).

This would be an appropriate place to interject “citation needed.” No one who blogs at Gender Identity Watch believes there are inherent “male” or “female” characteristics (beyond sexual reproductive function). We certainly reject masculine and feminine “qualities” as innate to one sex or another. And we support the use of prohibitions against sex discrimination by transgender people to secure their rights. As this commenter believes that being a woman is a feeling, we would suggest that he actually depends on stereotypes for his identity.

Was this not taught in the same public schools where a child cannot pray in public?

We honestly don’t know what this means.

We are mothers, sisters, daughters, and placeholders in society, and it is honestly not YOUR job to come along and try to derail a train that has been running since the dawn of time. We still have hungry children, homeless youth, and domestic violence at an ALL TIME HIGH.

Not entirely sure what this means, but, again, it sounds like a Man telling Women what we should prioritise.

Find an issue and use your power to promote something, and do not use transgender people as an easy target.

We’ve found an issue (one of many). It’s gender identity, and how gender identity harms Women. We’ll stick with this, thanks. Transgender people are not our target. Gender identity is. In a free society, one has the ability to observe public facts and developments and comment on them. We shall continue to do so.

Take some control of your thoughts and put your power into good use. Your time is sincerely wasted on such non-issues.

Again, as Women, we are free to decide to “waste our time” on anything we like, sir.

Your twitter is sickening and your work is hard yet vomit-inducing.

Our Twitter is here. Feel free to peruse and decide if you agree with his opinion.

I implore you to reconsider your angle and to stop before the entire community will serve to only embarrass you, for how many people do you truly know advocate such blatant hate.

As we are not part of the GLBT Community (as we see such community as one that marginalises Women), we really are unconcerned with whether or not we are “embarrassed” in its eyes. Indeed, the GLBT is an embarrassment. We don’t believe that advocating a more balanced approach to gender identity issues is “blatant hate.” Rather, we believe that demanding that Women pretend Men are actually Female approaches “blatant hate.”

You have no right to deny anyones existence, or to call someone a ‘man’ because you were born the same way I was: a squirming, puking, pooping infant with no installation of concept and coherent thought.”

You exist, sir. And we were both born human. Except we were born humans with vaginas. Because we are Female.