Wesley Bailey and Cris Williams (USA)

Wesley Bailey and Cris Williams are men who “identifiy as women.” These men relentlessly harass Women who have a critique of gender with which they disagree. These men have waged a defamatory camapign against award-winning author Victoria Brownworth over an article she wrote in 2008 entitled Trans youth: Risking life and limb.  In the article, […]

Trans Critical Feminism is Hate Speech @TERFhate (USA)

Trans Critical Feminism is Hate Speech is a Men’s Rights page run by Transwomen who are obsessed with controlling Women’s speech. These Men regularly accuse Women of engaging in “hate speech” for having a political analysis with which they disagree. They rely on the construction of straw arguments about what feminists actually argue about transgenderism […]

Dyke&Trans Alliance @dyketrans

Transactivists Doug McDonald, Marian Melby, Wesley Bailey, Daryl Banks and others appear to have collaborated to post the personal information of Cathy Brennan’s elderly parents & others. The so-called “Dyke&Trans Alliance” attempted to “dox” Cathy Brennan and her family. Doxxing is a form of intimidation transactivists use against men and women who disagree with gender identity […]

#justiceforDrV @calebhannan (USA)

Essay Anne Vanderbilt (Stephen Krol) was the subject of an article written by Caleb Hannan called “Dr V’s Magical Putter.” The article focuses on an amazing golf putter Vanderbilt invented. In the course of reporting the story, Hannan learned that Vanderbilt lied about her credentials. Sadly, Vanderbilt committed suicide in October 2013. Upon publication of […]

Men’s Rights Activists and TERF is a Slur (Tumblr)

Men’s Rights Activists such as Cristan Williams, David Taylor, Wesley Bailey and Daryl Banks continue their relentless assaults on the ability of Women and Girls to discuss issues that impact us. David Taylor in particular has abused Women online for more than a year, ever since he realized that we know he is Male. These […]

#dearcisfeminism (Twitter)

#dearcisfeminism  is a Twitter hashtag created by Wesley Bailey, a violent porn sick man in the Philadelphia, Pennsylvania area who thinks he’s a woman. He apparently created the tag because it upsets him that Cathy Brennan, a lesbian feminist, knows he is male.  He continually threatens to “collect” Brennan for knowing this. These types of […]

Cathy Brennan on Rational Wiki

Men who believe they are Women and their Manarchist brothers have created a faux “biographical” entry on the Manarchist Website Rational Wiki to trash Lesbian Feminist Cathy Brennan. Among other things, the Manarchists criticise Brennan for reporting a man who harassed her about her rape to his employers. Manarchists further believe that transgender people should […]

@bugbrennan on Twitter

Men’s rights activists, led by Sabine Yeuxbleus, Daryl Banks, Wesley Bailey and James Billingham, filed false TOS reports with Twitter to get @bugbrennan suspended. They did this because they disagree with a radical feminist critique of gender that knows that transwomen are men. Liberal feminists, who also support gender, applauded the effort @bugbrennan interactions.

“Twitter Has a Transgender Problem” (Internet)

The New York Times recently published a piece titled, “Twitter Has a Transgender Problem,” in which the author claims “Transgender users who are active on Twitter are often targeted by everyone from social conservatives to so-called feminists espousing transphobic views in the name of “protecting” cisgender women.” Importantly, the author uses this opportunity to defend […]