Erin Buzuvis @ErinBuzuvis & Title IX Blog (USA)

Erin Buzuvis, Professor of Law, Western New England University and Kristine Newhall, Ph.D., Women’s Studies wrote a blog called Title IX Blog. They regularly write posts that disparage Women and Girls’ right to have opportunities based on sex. Here is a recent post authored by Newhall on transgender cases: Recent transgender policy cases

Beatrix Campbell @beatrixcampbell (UK)

Anti-feminist trans Men’s Rights Activists lost their minds because people signed the following letter daring to state that Women have a right to critique gender and prostitution on university campuses in the U.K. The fate of Kate Smurthwaite’s comedy show, cancelled by Goldsmith’s College in London last month (“What could be more absurd than censorship on […]

Kylie Jack @ixKylie & Petticoat Fair @PetticoatFair (USA)

Kylie Jack is a Man who identifies as a Woman. He complained on his Facebook page that a Woman working at the store did not want to fit him for a bra because he is Male. Jack took great offense to this; predictably, Petticoat Fair has capitulated to Jack’s Internet outrage and indicates that it will, in fact, require […]

Vancouver Rape Relief v. Nixon (Canada)

Recently, a friend forwarded me a link to this blog post by Katrina Rose, who teaches history at the University of Iowa.  Ms. Rose appears to believe that we owe her answers to questions she poses on her blog, despite the fact that answers to her questions readily appear on our own blog and elsewhere. However, she raises […]

Prescott v. Rady Children’s Hospital – San Diego (USA)

On September 27, a federal district court for the Southern District of California ruled that Section 1557 of the Affordable Care Act (“ACA”), which prohibits “health programs or activities receiving federal financial assistance” from “discriminating against individuals on the basis of any ground listed under four different civil rights statutes,” protects individuals who identify as […]