Brennan v. AfterEllen @afterellen & Joey Stevenson @joeyxo (USA)

A federal district court in Baltimore City recently remanded a lawsuit for defamation to state court. AfterEllen and Joey Stevenson removed a lawsuit filed in Baltimore City court to federal court. The U.S. District Court for the District of Maryland issued an order sending the case back to Baltimore City. Memorandum for Order granting motion … Continue reading “Brennan v. AfterEllen @afterellen & Joey Stevenson @joeyxo (USA)”

Joey Stevenson/Joey Cupcake @JoeyStevenson @joeyxo & After Ellen @afterellen (USA)

Joanna “Joey” Stevenson is a hairdresser in San Francisco. She recently wrote this piece for AfterEllen about assertions from many lesbians, including Alix Dobkin and Sally Tatnall, that lesbian culture is dying. In a bizarre rant that seems cobbled together from Tumblr posts, Stephenson claims that a 2011 letter to the United Nations noting the conflict presented … Continue reading “Joey Stevenson/Joey Cupcake @JoeyStevenson @joeyxo & After Ellen @afterellen (USA)”

Jim Becker & Baltimore OUTloud @BaltOUTloud @afterellen (USA) Jim Becker is an attorney in Baltimore, Maryland who is the Executive Editor Baltimore OUTLoud, a Baltimore GLBT newspaper. In September, Becker contacted Cathy Brennan for comment about a lawsuit she filed against these defendants, including AfterEllen’s parent company, for defamation. Brennan declined to speak to Becker. Now, Baltimore OUTLoud has written an “op-ed” that … Continue reading “Jim Becker & Baltimore OUTloud @BaltOUTloud @afterellen (USA)”