Parker Molloy @ParkerMolloy @calebhannan @RollingStone @simonwilliam #justiceforDrV (USA)

Parker Molloy is a Man who identifies as a Woman who holds himself out as a journalist. He recently stated that he believes another reporter, Caleb Hannan, is a murderer for reporting on a story of another Man who identified as a Woman who invented a gold putter but also lied about the details of […]

Parker Molloy @ParkerMolloy @jeremykinser @Queerty @lucasgrindley @TheAdvocateMag @OutMagazine @matbreen (USA)

Parker Molloy is a homophobic Man who identifies as a Woman. Despite calling himself a journalist, he puts forth Trans propaganda on a regular basis, including the fiction that Lesbians “invented” the Cotton Ceiling, a rape culture concept coined by porn actor Drew Deveaux to discuss how Males are oppressed by Lesbians’ refusals to have […]

Parker Molloy, Allison Woolbert & Trans Violence Tracking Portal (USA)

Several abusive Men, including Alison Woolbert and Dana Lane Taylor, have issued an “advisory” against Parker “Chad” Molloy, a heterosexual Man who recently came under fire for telling another Man, Kelsie Jones, to “drink bleach.” For his abuse of another Man, Molloy reports that The Advocate, a formerly Gay publication that regularly publishes Molloy’s homophobic […]

Bassett v. Snyder @ACLUofMichigan @MeghanAtCA @ParkerMolloy (USA)

Judge David Lawson, a federal judge sitting in Detroit, declared Michigan’s ban on domestic partner benefits unconstitutional in Bassett v. Snyder.  He said in his decision that the law is based on “irrational prejudice” and that it discriminated by forcing municipalities to cancel family benefits for gay and lesbian employees while heterosexual employees had the ability […]

Parker “Chad” Molloy @hellogiggles @redeyechicago @nytimes @rollingstone @slate @thedailybeast (USA)

Parker “Chad” Molloy is a heterosexual man who identifies as a lesbian. Here, he betrays his male privilege, as Chad understands that under Bro Code, only actual Women, who don’t have and never had penises, should be sexually harassed on the street. Molloy is a hot commodity right now because liberal media outlets can pretend […]

.@LadyPJustice @lizzwinstead @ParkerMolloy (USA)

Lady Parts Justice is a pro-choice project started by Lizz Winstead, a liberal feminist who believes transwomen are women. Her project has been criticised by Chad “Parker” Molloy, a heterosexual man who now identifies as a lesbian, for daring to refer to women’s reproductive anatomy as “lady parts.” Chad pushes the lie that his penis […]

Transactivist @ParkerMolloy (USA)

Parker Molloy is a transgender activist who also works as a “reporter” for The Advocate. Molloy regularly reveals on his Twitter account that he is far from objective in his endeavors, a problem for many new media reporters, including Laurie Penny, Tina Vasquez and others. Recently, write and feminist Gia Milinovich wrote a blog post about biology that […]