“Twitter Has a Transgender Problem” (Internet)

The New York Times recently published a piece titled, “Twitter Has a Transgender Problem,” in which the author claims “Transgender users who are active on Twitter are often targeted by everyone from social conservatives to so-called feminists espousing transphobic views in the name of “protecting” cisgender women.” Importantly, the author uses this opportunity to defend […]

Doxxing, Allison Woolbert @TransHarmTrack & @sophiaphotos (Internet)

Men’s Rights Activists who identify as women claim to have “doxxed” people who allegedly are part of Gender Identity Watch. Most of the Women “doxxed” are not part of Gender Identity Watch, but simply commented on our Facebook posts. The “doxx” was apparently perpetrated by Allison Woolbert, a man angry at Gender Identity Watch for our […]

Zinnia Jones/ Zachary J. Antolak @ZJemptv (USA)

Anti-gay “transwomen” have targeted Calpernia Addams and Andrea James, two transsexual women who had the temerity to point out how abusive the Transgender Movement has become. In yet another “open letter,” chief straight man Zinnia Jones/ZJ Antolak sets forth how any objection to transgenderism is wrong. Unsurprisingly, many abusive men signed the letter, including Daryl “Sophia” […]

Transgender Activists and Gallus Mag (Online)

Despite their protestations that they are the most bullied and oppressed persons ever, transgender activists continue their campaign to harass radical feminists. Two recent Twitter accounts established solely to harass Cathy Brennan has numerous well-known harassers as followers including Laurelai Bailey, Dana Lane Taylor and Sarah Brown. Efforts such as this make it difficult to maintain […]

Florence High School, Colorado (USA)

The Pacific Justice Institute claims that a male student, Jessica Valentine, who claims to be transgender, has allegedly harassed female students in the girls room at Florence High School. The story became more twisted when trans activists like Cristan Williams went on overdrive to state that the PJI lied. Williams is well known for making […]