Gavin Grimm and Gloucester, Virginia School Board (USA)

Gavin Grimm, a female who identifies as a male, attends high school in Virginia. Grimm is seeking use of the boys’ room the the high school Grimm attends. Transgender student_ ‘I’m fighting for my right to use the correct restroom’ _ WAVY-TV. 28-1 28-2 28-main DOJ_ Gloucester transgender student’s lawsuit has merit under Title IX […]

G.G. v. Gloucester County Sch. Bd. (USA)

Gavin Grimm is a 19-year-old who sued the Gloucester County School Board over its policy requiring students to use sex-segregated facilities according to the students’ biological sex. Grimm’s complaint alleged discrimination on the basis of “transgender status” in violation of the Equal Protection Clause of the Fourteenth Amendment (claiming “Transgender people as a class exhibit immutable […]

G.G. v. Gloucester County Sch. Bd. (USA)

The American Civil Liberties Union (ACLU) filed an amended complaint on behalf of Gavin Grimm, a female teen who identifies as a transgender boy.  Grimm’s lawsuit previously sought a preliminary injunction which would allow Grimm to use sex-segregated facilities reserved for male students at Gloucester High School in Virginia.  According to the ACLU, “Gavin graduated […]

Isaac v Duval County Public Schools (USA)

U.S. District Judge Marcia Morales Howard has dismissed a lawsuit filed in May by Wryshona Isaac on behalf of her four young children.  Isaac’s complaint against Duval County Public Schools (FL) “seeks declaratory and injunctive relief against Defendants for adopting and establishing a policy of allowing students an unfettered right to use the bathroom or […]

G.G. v. Gloucester County Sch. Bd. (USA)

The Fourth Circuit Court of Appeals ruled 2-1 in favor of Gavin Grimm, 16, a female teen who identifies as a transgender boy.  Grimm is suing Virginia’s Gloucester County School Board, arguing that its policy requiring students to use sex-segregated spaces based on their sex (or “gender-neutral” single-person facilities) is a violation of Title IX […]

Erin Buzuvis @ErinBuzuvis & Title IX Blog (USA)

Erin Buzuvis, Professor of Law, Western New England University and Kristine Newhall, Ph.D., Women’s Studies wrote a blog called Title IX Blog. They regularly write posts that disparage Women and Girls’ right to have opportunities based on sex. Here is a recent post authored by Newhall on transgender cases: Recent transgender policy cases

G.G. v. Gloucester County School Board (USA)

Gavin Grimm is a girl who identifies as a boy. In late July, the court dismissed the Title IX claim. In early September, a U.S. District judge in Norfolk, Virginia, rejected a preliminary injunction request to prohibit the Gloucester County School Board from enforcing its policy against females using the male bathroom (and vice versa). Part of school transgender bathroom policy […]