Ashley Diamond & @SPLCenter (USA)

The Southern Poverty Law Center threatened to sue the Georgia Department of Corrections if it does not allow a transgender inmate to receive hormone therapy. David Dinielli, deputy legal director of the Southern Poverty Law Center, wrote in a letter to Georgia Department of Corrections Commissioner Brian Owens that personnel at Valdosta State Prison where Ashley Diamond … Continue reading “Ashley Diamond & @SPLCenter (USA)”

Diamond v. Owens (USA)

Ashley Diamond, a 37-year-old black transgender woman, was granted early release from state custody in the midst of a legal battle with the Georgia Department of Corrections over the denial of proper medical care and adequate protection from repeated sexual assaults. We have reported on Diamond’s plight since December 2013 and are glad Diamond has been … Continue reading “Diamond v. Owens (USA)”

Diamond v. Allen @splcenter (USA)

Ashley Diamond‘s Eighth Amendment lawsuit against Valdosta State Prison’s “Sexual Assault Response Team” leader,Dave McCracken and Warden Marty Allen will be allowed to proceed, according to a recent ruling by a federal court in Georgia. Diamond, a transgender inmate, stated that he has endured sexual harassment, sexual assaults, and violent attacks at the prison since January 9, 2014 and … Continue reading “Diamond v. Allen @splcenter (USA)”

Diamond v. Silver (USA)

Ashley Diamond is a man seeking treatment for Gender Identity Disorder while incarcerated. His lawsuit was only recently filed pro se. He also alleges that other male inmates sexually assaulted him. This is highly likely, as gender nonconforming males are preyed on by other males in prison. Diamond v. Silver. Diamond v. Silver. Diamond v. … Continue reading “Diamond v. Silver (USA)”