Dr. Aoife Emily Hart @Aoifeschatology @UBC_Arts @natachakennedy (Canada & UK)

Dr. Aoife Emily Hart is a lecturer at the University of British Columbia. Because Dr. Hart teaches radical feminist writings, abusive trans activists, including anti-lesbian Man Natacha Kennedy, are calling for UBC to fire Dr. Hart. Dr. Hart previously signed a letter condemning Calpernia Addams and Andrea James for their criticism of abusive Man Parker Molloy […]

Zinnia Jones/ Zachary J. Antolak @ZJemptv (USA)

Anti-gay “transwomen” have targeted Calpernia Addams and Andrea James, two transsexual women who had the temerity to point out how abusive the Transgender Movement has become. In yet another “open letter,” chief straight man Zinnia Jones/ZJ Antolak sets forth how any objection to transgenderism is wrong. Unsurprisingly, many abusive men signed the letter, including Daryl “Sophia” […]