Dear Readers,

Following Cathy Brennan’s notice that she no longer wished to run this site, we on the board of the Women’s Liberation Front (WoLF) offered to maintain Gender Identity Watch as a community resource and historical record. We appreciate the many years of effort Cathy undertook to warn women of what was coming as gender identity doctrine gathered the force of law, though this has been neither safe nor popular.

We would also like to thank the other volunteer contributors who’ve kept Gender Identity Watch going over the years, including those volunteers who’ve said they want to continue writing here. It’s our intention to preserve the site as a place to document ongoing developments in female legal erasure, and the abuses of the male-centered gender identity movement.

In closing, and with our thanks, we share Cathy Brennan’s statement on these changes:

“In 2012, I started Gender Identity Watch because it was abundantly clear that transgenderism was a tsunami devastating the rights of women and girls, and it would be important to understand how that wave grew. Additionally, very few of us were publicly objecting to transgenderism. So, we captured as much as we could, drop by drop, using all volunteer labor. I am grateful to hand the blog off to trustworthy stewards as it has become necessary for me to devote my energy to other endeavors. Also, the need to the blog is not as great as it was because hundreds of women are now saying out loud ‘transgenderism hurts women.’”

Kind regards,

The WoLF board