Mr. Jordan Rich (“Ivey Gardner”)

Jordan Rich is a man who identifies as a transgender woman named Ivey Gardner. In May 2018, he followed a woman (who wishes to be identified only as Mrs. H) into the parking lot of a Planet Fitness gym after she objected to his presence in the women’s locker room, and called 9-1-1 claiming she “sexually harassed” him. According to Mrs. H’s counsel:

Jordan Rice [sic], a.k.a. “Ivy,” claims to be “transgender.” During the incident with Mrs. H., he appeared obviously to her as a white male approximately 5’8,” with short brown hair, agray tank-top, and gray sweat pants. He made no attempt to even “pass” as a woman, notthat this justifies his presence. Mr. Rice was standing in the women’s locker room, facing the mirror, and pretending to apply makeup.Mrs. H. entered, and noticed him. She was disturbed by his presence, politely confronted him and asked him to leave the women’s locker room. Instead, he smirked back at her, and continued to stare at her, remaining standing in front of the mirror “applying makeup,” where he had a full view of every single woman entering or exiting the shower area and every single locker, Mrs. H.’s locker, which was directly behind him within three (3) feet. When Mr. Rice refused to leave, Mrs. H. herself left to give him time to finish what he was doing, so she could use the restroom in privacy. Mr. Rice remained there for at least an hour, “applying makeup,” to intentionally deny Mrs. H. the privacy she desired. He was observed to have entered and exited the locker room, wearing the same clothes, and had not showered or changed. Despite a male employee observing that Mr. Rice’s behavior was “over the top,” staff did not intervene and ask him to finish his business, but permitted him tomonopolize the women’s locker room. This impeded Mrs. H.’s rightful use of the women’s locker room. A records request reveals that Mr. Rice (incredibly) had called the police to falselyreport that he had been “sexually harassed” by Mrs. H. He can be heard on his 911 call, following Mrs. H. across the parking lot of the establishment, over into the next parking lot, calmly relaying to the dispatcher his and Mrs. H.’s appearances, a description of Mrs. H.’s vehicle, and the direction in which she was headed. The fact that he was and is a man was evident to the dispatcher, who repeatedly refers to him as “sir” on that call. No police report was filed.

Although he’s not a party to the lawsuit against Planet Fitness, he’s raising money for legal costs, now alleging he was “sexually harassed in a Planet Fitness bathroom” (because Mrs. H asked him to leave the women’s locker room) and “made a mockery of on national Fox News:”

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but like, that’s a snapchat filter, right?

“You’ll never know this pain” — Jordan Rich

According to Mr. Rich:
This is not the first time Planet Fitness has canceled a woman’s gym membership after she objected to the presence of a man in the women’s locker room. She sued them also.
We support the right of women to object to the presence of men in women’s spaces.
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