On July 26, 2018, Michigan’s Midland Circuit Court of Appeals issued a ruling in favor of Yvette Cormier, who sued Planet Fitness in 2015 alleging the gym canceled her membership after she objected to the presence of a man in the women’s locker room.  The appellate court agreed with Cormier’s allegation that the gym violated the Michigan Consumer Protection Act (“MCPA”), finding that the gym’s unwritten policy of allowing men (who identify as women) to use the women’s locker rooms was material to her decision to enter into an agreement with the gym and that the gym’s failure to disclose this policy to her before entering said agreement constituted a violation of the MCPA. The court remanded Cormier’s case to the district court for further litigation.
We support Ms. Cormier’s lawsuit against Planet Fitness, and the right of all women to object to the presence of men in women’s spaces.
Woman who sued Planet Fitness over LGBTQ locker-roommate wins appeal — Detroit Free Press
Cormier v. Planet Fitness — July 26, 2018