Kevi Smith-Joyner (USA) @GLSENMaryland @kevismith7 ‏

Kevi Smith-Joyner is the GLSEN Maryland Education & Youth Programs Associate “dedicated to created a safer and inclusive Baltimore” who showed up at this train wreck of a Facebook post to ask for money in exchange for the privilege of being berated over having opinions and expressing them on a public Facebook post:
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Yes, that’s Baltimore Pride’s 2017 “Youth Activist of the Year.” Perhaps instead of expressing such childish animosity toward strangers on the internet, Kevi should just go back to, I don’t know, setting a good example for the youth on how to interact with people you disagree with? Pro tip: if you can’t interact with people without directing aggressively rude comments toward them, maybe just don’t. No one needs the “service” you think you’re providing.