Get the L Out at Pride in London Parade (U.K.) @PrideinLondon #GetTheLOut

On July 7, 2018, “a group of lesbian and feminist individuals and organisations, opposing the increasingly anti-lesbian and misogynistic LGBT movement and the erasure of lesbians” called Get the L Out protested and marched in the Pride in London Parade.
According to the group’s website:

Why We Protest

We believe that lesbian rights are under attack by the trans movement and we encourage lesbians everywhere to leave the LGBT and form their own independent movement, as well as to be vocal and take action against the proposed changes to the GRA.

The group arrived before the parade started at the beginning of the parade line-up with large banners reading “Lesbian = Female Homosexual,” “Transactivism Erases Lesbians” and “Lesbian Not Queer.” When parade organizers asked them to put their signs away and leave, several women laid down in the street with their banners in protest, delaying the parade’s start about ten minutes. According to Pride in London, the group asked to march behind the rainbow flag at the start of the parade, but organizers instead chose to move them in front of the flag. They marched the entire parade route, handing out the following fliers:

Get the L Out (front)

Get the L Out (back)

We support Get the L Out and their pro-lesbian action against trans activist garbage at the Pride in London Parade.
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