Charlotte Clymer is a man who identifies as a transgender woman who claims he was “forcibly removed” from a Washington D.C. restaurant after arguing with the manager over the manager’s request to see his I.D. Clymer published a length account of the incident on Facebook, where he reports that he was asked to show I.D. before and after entering the women’s restroom and that he refused, noting “There are people crammed into this hallway. It’s busy.” Clymer then walked out of the restaurant “to cool off,” pulled up a website explaining the D.C. Human Rights Law on his phone, and walked back into the restaurant to argue with the manager some more:

“I told him I work for the Human Rights Campaign, he’s making a mistake here, and he needs to adjust his course of action. I told him this is discrimination and said he’s being a bigot.”

According to Clymer, the manager asked him to leave several times, but he refused and encouraged the manager to call the police:

“He continued to ask me to leave. I told him I’m not going anywhere until the cops are called. For several minutes near the front door, this manager continued to refuse to call the cops, his original threat, and said I need to leave.”

The Facebook post fails to explain how being asked to leave amounts to being “forcibly removed.” Clymer does, however, claim to have been “literally grabbed and shoved out of a D.C. restaurant” in a tweet in which he defends bullying:
Screen Shot 2018-06-26 at 9.29.27 AM.png
Clymer also writes that he will be pursuing legal action against the restaurant because the manager didn’t apologize in a way that satisfied him:

“On Monday, I will begin pursuing all available legal options against Cuba Libre. If the manager had apologized when I showed him the law and committed to doing better, I’d still be angry, but we wouldn’t be here. He didn’t do that. He did the exact opposite.”

Restaurant demanded trans woman’s ID before using restroom — New York Post