FLASH Sexual Health Education Curriculum (USA)

Family Life and Sexual Health (“FLASH“) is a “comprehensive sexual health education curriculum” developed by Seattle and King County Public Health and used by school districts all over the country, including the Sequim School District in Sequim, WA.
According to Jason Peterson, whose daughter is a 6th-grade student in the Sequim School District, the curriculum includes teaching on gender roles and “gender identity” and left his daughter “feeling as if she was being encouraged to question her identity.” He says his daughter was confused because she likes playing baseball, going fishing, and skateboarding, but also likes being a girl.
In 2018, children are being taught that baseball, fishing, and skateboarding are “boy things,” despite the fact that this idea is absolute garbage and despite the fact that, according to Seattle and King County Public Health, FLASH “focus[es] heavily on increasing respect for all genders and breaking down harmful gender stereotypes.”
Following Peterson’s comments, Superintendent Gary Neal “pumped the brakes on the sex education curriculum until the district and parents could review it more closely.”
Gender identity in sex ed raises concerns for Sequim parents