Month: April 2018

Testosterone Is a Cure for Borderline Personality Disorder and Other Internet Bullshit


This woman posted a lot of heinous tweets on Twitter as  @Big_Trevie. She has now deleted her account, apparently.

LeslieAnn Manning (USA)


LeslieAnn Manning is a man who identifies as a transgender woman. In 1991, Manning was convicted of attempted murder after…

Mumsnet @MumsnetTowers ‏& Emma Healey (UK)


Emma Healey is a former Mumsnet employee who doxxed women from Mumsnet because they know penis is a male sex…

Tim Middaugh and Geoff Stringer

By Tim Middaugh and Geoff Stringer are two white men who suck at music and are probably rapists, given their…

Nasim Aghdam (USA)


Nasim Aghdam is a woman who shot up YouTube. Some so-called “gender critical feminists” spread a rumor that Aghdam was…

Julie Bindel (UK)


Times have changed, apparently – from .

Tara Flik Wolf (UK)


Tara Filk Wolf is a violent man and a bully. He is charged, rightly, with assault. We hope he is…

Boston Marathon to allow "transwomen" to compete as women (USA)


The Boston Athletic Association (“BAA”), the organization that plans and hosts the annual Boston Marathon, recently announced it will allow…