Miranda XYardley @TerrorizerMir The Labour Party @UKLabour

GpgGDXK4Miranda Yardley is a fantastic human being who stands up for Women and Girls, and rejects the ideology of Transgenderism. Recently, Miranda received a letter from the Labour Party inquiring into posts made on Miranda’s Twitter account. We provide the letter below. THIS IS ORWELLIAN AND SCARY.
Miranda regrets nothing.


3 thoughts on “Miranda XYardley @TerrorizerMir The Labour Party @UKLabour”

  1. This shows a lot about the Labour Party. It very clearly isn’t aimed at any real kind of progress and in fact is just another expression of patriarchy.

  2. Miranda Yardley is indeed a great human being, of the kind that will and is already helping to dismantle this sick social system called “patriarchy”.
    The only good type of patriarchy is the non existent one and, thanks to people like Miranda and Cathy, it will be non existent very soon.
    We can’t stop this great fight until this enemy of humanity is put down for good.
    Thanks Miranda for all you do.

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