Wayne "Dana" Beyer (USA)

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Wayne Beyer is a man who identifies as a woman named Dana.
In 2003 Beyer, a retired ophthalmic surgeon, underwent “a sex change operation” as part of his “transition to life as a woman.” He claims he’s known he was a “girl trapped in a boy’s body” since the age of 7 and that he had his “first and only menstrual period” at the age of 12, showing that he completely misunderstands how menstruation works. Despite claiming that “inside [he] had some female reproductive characteristics,” he fathered two children later in life. He attributes his “sexual anomalies” to the fact that his mother was exposed to DES, a synthetic estrogen. According to Beyer:

“I don’t think it’s any coincidence that my mother took a potent estrogen and an XY fetus ends up feeling like a woman” said Beyer. “Give frogs and fish estrogen and you get hermaphroditic changes.”

He also claims DES “poisoned” his relationship with his parents, and that undergoing “facial and genital reconstruction” as part of his “sex change” mended that relationship.
Beyer fails to understand that women don’t father children, that a menstrual period isn’t a one-time experience, and that there’s no such thing as being “a girl trapped in a boy’s body.” 
In 2018, Beyer is running for Maryland State Senate, seeking to be elected as “the first transgender senator in American history.” He’s also the executive director of Gender Rights Maryland, an organization which seeks to codify mens’ vision of “gender identity” into law at the expense of women and girls. Transgenderism is a mens’ rights movement. No thanks, Dana.
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