Kate (Anton) Weatherly (New Zealand)


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Kate (Anton) Weatherly

Kate Weatherly is a man formerly known as Anton who identifies as a woman. Weatherly is also a competitive cyclist, and recently took title in the 2018 New Zealand Downhill National Championships Women’s Division, only three weeks after competing in the men’s division in earlier races.
In response to women cyclists who were concerned and confused regarding Weatherly’s sudden switch from the men’s to the women’s division, referencing the lack of a stand-down period, he stated, “If everyone’s not happy then maybe everyone’s not doing their best racing and I just want everyone to be having fun and doing their best.”
So, according to Weatherly, if women are concerned about a man who suddenly switches to competing in the women’s division, then the women are actually just upset about their own performance? Garbage.
Concern over lack of stand down period for transgender downhill mountain biker — NZ Herald