Karen (Mark) Jones (U.K.)

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Karen (Mark) Jones, convicted murderer, sex offender, and transgender activist

Karen Jones is a man formerly known as Mark who identifies as a woman and a transgender activist. He is also a convicted murderer and sex offender who, according to a judge, poses an “extremely serious risk” to the public.

In 2001, Jones was sentenced to five years in prison after admitting that he suffocated and strangled his former partner Michael Cutler. A psychiatrist later reported that Jones’s “gender identity disorder” was a significant factor in his “loss of control before the killing.”

In 2002, five days after he was released from prison early, he assaulted a female shop assistant, gagging her mouth with a lemon, punching her in the face, and attempting to rape her while holding her by her hair in the back room of a shop called Transformations, “for men who wish to buy and wear female clothing and accessories.” The victim told police she thought she was going to die, and noted that “the attack only ended when Jones failed to become aroused.” He claims the attack was “a cry for help” so that he could go back to prison and obtain a state-funded “sex change operation.” Jones was sentenced to life in prison following the assault and attempted rape, and his name was added to the sex offenders’ register for life.

In 2009, he was moved to a women’s prison after winning an entirely publicly funded court case arguing he is a “woman trapped inside a man’s body” and that holding him in a men’s prison was preventing his “full sex change.” The Ministry of Justice warned his transfer to a women’s prison would “cost taxpayers an extra £80,000 a year because she will have to be kept in segregation.” Sometime thereafter he was released from prison and has since become a transgender activist and motivational speaker.

In 2018, Jones was asked by Lord Patel to speak at the House of Lords about “how the criminal justice system can better help transgender offenders” at an event titled “Inside Gender Identity: a report on meeting health and social care needs of transgender people in the criminal justice system.”

In 2018, transgender activism is a convicted murderer and sex offender who attempted to rape a woman in order to gain further access to women’s spaces. Transgenderism is a mens’ rights movement.

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