Gregory Whyte (U.K.)

Gregory Whyte

Gregory Whyte is a 55-year old man from Blurton, Staffordshire, England, who attempted to kidnap his ex-partner as she was leaving Macclesfield Hospital, where she worked. Hospital visitors rushed out to intervene upon hearing her screaming and seeing Whyte attempting to shove her into his vehicle. Whyte was wearing a nurse’s outfit, a mask, and a wig at the time of the attempted kidnapping. Police discovered Whyte nearby armed with a knife, rubber gloves, metal wire, tape, another knife, scissors, home-made handcuffs, cable ties, rope, and another large knife, along with his nurse’s outfit, mask, and wig. He claimed he was carrying materials “to fix a gazebo.” He was sentenced to spend 12 years in prison.
Of course, since the idea that men will disguise themselves as women to assault and harass women is just a myth, Whyte must actually be a transwoman, and the reports that Whyte is a man who disguised himself in a “terrifying outfit” are transphobic, right?
Terrifying outfit man wore to kidnap his ex before witnesses rushed to help her